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LCV Victory Fund Calls Out Dino Rossi’s Greenwashing in #WA08 Debate

Oct 18, 2018

Alyssa Roberts, 202-454-4573,

Seattle, Washington — In response to last night’s debate between Dino Rossi and Kim Schrier in which Rossi refused to explain why he’s misleading Washington voters about his environmental record, LCV Victory Fund issued the following statements:

“Why is Dino Rossi repeatedly boasting about a 16-year-old acknowledgement from a group whose national affiliate has endorsed against him?” said Pete Maysmith, LCV Victory Fund Senior Vice President for Campaigns. “Rossi’s misleading rhetoric shows he now knows that the voters of the 8th district want a pro-environment leader in Congress — but Rossi also clearly doesn’t want those same voters to know about his failing record on environmental issues.”

“It’s as simple as this: Dino Rossi’s Washington Conservation Voters’ lifetime score on our Scorecard is 31 percent — and for 2017, it plummeted to zero,” said Shannon Murphy, President of Washington Conservation Voters. “That means that last year alone Rossi voted to undermine renewable energy laws, weaken toxic cleanup protections, bypass environmental protections and more. This just isn’t the record of a pro-conservation candidate. No amount of political spin is going to change that.”

During the debate, Rossi also parroted Donald Trump’s false rhetoric about the Paris Climate Agreement, asserting that the global effort to fight climate change lets China and India “get off the hook” and “handcuffed America.” As Melissa Santos of the Seattle Times pointed out, both countries are committed to reducing carbon emissions under the Paris agreement.

Earlier this year LCV Victory Fund named Washington’s 8th congressional district as a priority race for an investment of at least $15 million in retaking a green House majority, with more specific announcements expected in the coming days.

LCV Action Fund has endorsed Dr. Kim Schrier, praising her as a leader who will prioritize public health and address climate pollution.



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