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LCV Victory Fund & Climate Power Action Announce Climate Voters Mobilization Expansion into CA-27, NC-13, NM-02, NY-22, OH-01, OH-13

Oct 17, 2022

Contact: Emily Samsel,, 828-713-9647 | Heather Hargreaves,, 650-776-6576

Washington, D.C. – LCV Victory Fund and Climate Power Action announced today that their now $15 million joint ‘Climate Voters Mobilization’ digital ads and direct mail campaign has expanded to six new competitive House races: CA-27, supporting Christy Smith; NC-13, supporting Wiley Nickel; NM-02, supporting Gabe Vasquez; NY-22, supporting Francis Conole; OH-01, supporting Greg Landsman; and OH-13, supporting Emilia Sykes. Digital ads targeting climate voters in these districts will run through the election and the same voters will receive five related mail pieces over the next few weeks.

WATCH EXAMPLE AD: “Breathe” (OH-13, supporting Emilia Sykes)

With the expansion into additional House districts, along with Climate Power Action’s joint mail program with Somos PAC and BlackPAC, the $15 million surround-sound digital advertising and direct mail marketing campaign will now target more than 2 million total 2020 Biden voters at risk of not turning out in the midterms who are uniquely mobilized by climate and environmental issues.

“We’re thrilled to have the ability to support these pro-environment challengers and fight for key open House seats in the final weeks before the election,” said LCV Victory Fund Senior Campaigns Director Megan Jacobs. “LCV Victory Fund and Climate Power Action are uniquely equipped to motivate voters who care about climate and have the power to help determine the outcome in 2022 battleground races – we’re not leaving anything on the table this cycle when it comes to electing more pro-environment leaders to Congress.”

“This is the first election in U.S. history where we’ve had a Climate Law to run on, so we’re doing everything possible to ensure key climate voters 1) understand how the bill benefits them and 2) turn out by Election Day for pro-climate candidates who support the Inflation Reduction Act and will keep fighting to advance clean energy, climate justice, and job creation,” said Climate Power Action Director Heather Hargreaves. “It’s incredibly exciting to get to do this impactful work in even more critical battleground districts.”

The Climate Voter Mobilization universe of over two million voters was identified using sophisticated modeling and message testing in development since April. Polling showed that across this universe our messages had a 7.3% average effect on enthusiasm to vote and 15.7% average effect on strength of support for Democrats. Overall, these ‘climate voters’ are younger, more female, racially more diverse, more likely to live in suburban or urban areas , and slightly more college educated.

The 2022 Climate Voters Mobilization program is modeled after LCV Victory Fund and Priorities USA Action’s successful 2020 ‘Environmental Swing Voters’ program which served ads and direct mail about Trump’s anti-environmental record to a universe of swing voters who cared about the environment. A post-election test found that the 2020 program increased the Democratic vote margin among target voters by almost six points.

Full script of the sample ad from OH-13 is below.

This is the sound of America breathing easier
Because a historic plan to combat climate change
Supported by Emilia Sykes
Just became law
The biggest investment our country has seen
Reducing pollution by 40 percent
And lowering utility costs
So, take a deep breath
A future with cleaner air is coming
And send Emilia Sykes to Congress
So we keep investing in what matters most

# # #

Paid for by LCV Victory Fund,, and Climate Power Action,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.