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LCV Victory Fund, EDF Action & The Sierra Club Announce $1.85 Million Ad Campaign Against Heck in NV

Oct 11, 2016

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Las Vegas, NV – Today, LCV Victory Fund, EDF Action and the Sierra Club are announcing a $1.85 million English and Spanish ad campaign in the Nevada Senate race, detailing Rep. Joe Heck’s climate science denialism and opposition to solar, which risks Nevadans’ jobs.

The TV ads in this campaign are “Personal” in English (script & backup here) and “Denial” in Spanish (script & backup here). The digital ad is “Choice” (script & backup here).

The TV ad campaign will run through October 24 on broadcast, cable and Spanish broadcast statewide. Targeted digital ads will run statewide concurrently. LCV Victory Fund is partnering with EDF Action on the first week of English-language TV, as well as the Spanish-language TV and digital ad. LCV Victory Fund is partnering with the Sierra Club on the second week of English TV.

“You’ve heard plenty about Joe Heck and the tax breaks he’s voted for, for oil companies,” reads the voiceover for ‘Personal.’ “And the millions the oil billionaire Koch Brothers have spent to elect him. Bad enough. But Heck voted time and time again to limit Nevada solar, risking jobs and higher rates. For Nevada families, it’s personal. Catherine Cortez Masto will expand clean energy solar jobs. Catherine Cortez Masto will fight for Nevada families.”

“El 97% de los científicos les preocupa el cambio climático. Pero como Trump, Joe Heck niega esa realidad,” reads the voiceover for ‘Denial.’ “Como Trump, Heck derogaría las leyes de aire limpio, permitiendo la contaminación de carbon ilimitada. Y como Trump, Heck les daría miles de millones en recortes de impuestos a las grandes petroleras, para proteger los bolsillos de empresarios contaminadores. Joe Heck y Donald Trump: Políticas peligrosas para Nevada.”

“Nevadans face a big choice on solar power,” reads the voiceover for ‘Choice.’ “Move forward. Or fall back? Washington politician Joe Heck voted against Nevada solar. Catherine Cortez Masto fights for Nevada solar. For good-paying jobs and cheaper power. Catherine Cortez Masto fights for us.”

LCV named Heck to its signature Dirty Dozen list in June. LCV Victory Fund previously announced over $3 million invested to defeat Heck, including $1.4 million in an ongoing persuasion canvass campaign and TV advertising. The Sierra Club has identified the Nevada Senate race as a top target for the organization this election cycle and will have further announcements about engagement in the state in the weeks to come.


Paid for by the LCV Victory Fund,, EDF Action,, and Sierra Club,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.