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LCV Victory Fund, EDF Action Votes Release New TV Ad in WA-08 – ‘Matt Larkin’s Too Extreme’

Sep 20, 2022

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Washington, D.C. – Today, LCV Victory Fund and EDF Action Votes launched a new TV ad, “Closer Look,” in opposition to candidate Matt Larkin in WA-08. The new ad is part of LCV VF’s previously announced $2 million effort to support climate champions in battleground districts who supported the Inflation Reduction Act and oppose pro-polluter, MAGA extreme candidates. 

WATCH: “Closer Look”

“Closer Look” will run in the Seattle-Tacoma media market on broadcast for two weeks. 

“The last thing Washingtonians need is extreme, anti-choice MAGA Republican Matt Larkin interfering with their personal, private healthcare decisions,” said Joann Saridakis, LCV Victory Fund Regional Campaigns Director. “Washington state already has a champion for reproductive freedom, climate action, and lowering costs in Congresswoman Kim Schrier. We need to send Rep. Schrier back to keep protecting Washington for the long run.”

“Matt Larkin is simply too extreme for Washington state families,” EDF Action Votes Director of Political Programs Dustin Ingalls said. “Larkin has made it crystal clear that he has no interest in prioritizing the needs of hardworking families. Instead he would double down on the extreme right politics that is harming our country and threatening our democracy.”

LCV Victory Fund and Climate Power Action are also running digital ads in support of re-electing Rep. Schrier in WA-08 as part of their $12 million Climate Voters Mobilization campaign. The digital ads highlight the ways the Inflation Reduction Act will reduce climate pollution and lower energy bills and the need to elect pro-climate candidates who will continue the progress toward a clean energy future.

The full script of the new TV ad is below.

“Closer Look”
We’ve seen extremists out of Washington
But unfortunately now we’ve got one in Washington state
Matt Larkin
Larkin’s pledged to join the most extreme members of Congress
And said ‘this isn’t the year for moderation’
He’s a strong supporter of Donald Trump
He’d support a nationwide ban on abortion
And opposes exceptions for rape and incest
Matt Larkin’s too extreme
And not for us

# # #

Paid for by EDF Action Votes,, and LCV Victory Fund,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.