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LCV Victory Fund Investing At Least $2.5M To Elect Women of Color To Congress

Oct 14, 2020

Contact: Emily Samsel,, 828-713-9647

Washington, D.C. — LCV Victory Fund announced today that the organization plans to spend over $2.5 million this cycle to elect women of color to Congress and released plans for new paid media campaigns in support of women of color candidates in five competitive House districts: FL-26, NC-08, NY-02, TX-23 and TX-24.

Across the country, LCV Victory Fund is making closing arguments on our health and the environment in support of candidates who are committed to acting on climate and environmental injustice. Critically, LCV Victory Fund is making the following new investments to elect more women of color to Congress:

  • FL-26: LCV Victory Fund launched the first of two Spanish-language TV ads totaling $720,000 on Tuesday to defeat Carlos Gimenez and re-elect Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell.
  • NC-08: LCV Victory Fund will invest $300,000 in a digital ad campaign launching later this week to defeat Rep. Richard Hudson and elect Patricia Timmons-Goodson.  
  • NY-02: LCV Victory Fund will invest $200,000 in a direct mail campaign launching next week to defeat Andrew Garbarino and elect Jackie Gordon.
  • TX-23: LCV Victory Fund launched a $130,000 radio ad in English and Spanish today to defeat Tony Gonzales and elect Gina Ortiz Jones.
  • TX-24: LCV Victory Fund and House Majority PAC launched a $1 million TV ad Tuesday to defeat Beth Van Duyne and elect Candace Valenzuela.

LCV Victory Fund also invested over $320,000 last month in a TV ad to defeat Yvette Herrell and re-elect Rep. Xochitl Torres Small in NM-02.

“Women of color are leading the fight for a more just and equitable clean energy future and our country needs to follow,” said Pete Maysmith, LCV Victory Fund SVP of Campaigns. “These candidates are up against opponents bought and paid for by corporate polluters who would put our health at risk. For the health and safety of our families, we must re-elect Reps. Mucarsel-Powell and Torres Small and send Timmons-Goodson, Gordon, Ortiz Jones and Valenzuela to Congress.”

In their first terms in Congress, Representatives Debbie Murcarsel-Powell (FL-26) and Xochitl Torres Small (NM-02) both earned 97% LCV scores, proving to be the climate and environmental justice champions each campaigned on being. Re-electing Powell and Torres-Small and electing strong pro-environment challengers Patricia Timmons-Goodson (NC-08), Jackie Gordon (NY-02), Gina Ortiz Jones (TX-23), and Candace Valenzuela (TX-24) next month will help grow the pro-environment majority in the House and further establish that our governing bodies should better reflect the racial and gender diversity of the country. All of these pro-environment candidates have been endorsed by LCV Action Fund. 

Full scripts of the new ads in FL-26, TX-23 and TX-24 are below.

FL-26 – “Gimenez Es Nocivo”
Nuestras communidades … infectadas
Nuestra ciudad … derrumbandose
Bajo el mandato de Carlos Gimienez perdimos miles de vidas a COVID
Pero el se ortogó un aumento de sueldo del 67%
Y un contrato multi-millonario a una empresa con nexos familiares
A pesar de su papel en el l trágico derrumbe del puente
El corrupto Carlos Gimenez es nocivo para Miami

FL-26 – English translation – “Gimenez Is Harmful”
Our communities … infected
Our city … crumbling
Under Carlos Gimenez we have lost thousands of lives to COVID
But he gave himself a 67% pay raise
And a multi-million dollar contract to a company with family ties
Despite its role in the tragic bridge collapse
The corrupt Carlos Gimenez is harmful to Miami

TX-23 – “Half Truths” (Spanish)
Tony Gonzales quiere engañarnos con medias verdades,
Dice que tiene un plan de salud
Pero lo que Tony Gonzales no dice
Es que su plan podría dejar sin seguro médico a 300,000 Tejanos de nuestra comunidad
Incluyendo madres jóvenes, asmáticos, diabéticos y sobrevivientes del coronavirus
Tony Gonazales habla de salud para todos
Mentira, la verdad es que él ha aceptado $100,000 de empresas
Que contaminan el aire y el agua con desechos tóxicos
Que pueden causarnos enfermedades
Tony Gonzalez habla disque de acceso a recursos
Pero en realidad el plan de Tony
Podría dejar a miles sin recursos de cobertura médica para sus tratamientos
Y para colmo habla de proteger a todos
Pero su plan podría dejar a miles de Tejanos sin cuidado médico
Mientras sufrimos una crisis económica y menos oportunidades de trabajo
Tony, ya deja las medias verdades
Sabemos quien eres en realidad
La verdad es que no debes votar por Tony Gonzales.

TX-23 –
“Half Truths” (English)
Tony Gonzales wants to fool us with half truths
He says he has a healthcare plan
But what Tony Gonzales doesn’t say
Is his plan could leave 300,000 Texans from our community without healthcare
Including young moms, people with asthma, diabetes, and COVID patients
Tony Gonzales talks about healthy communities
But the truth is he’s taken over $100 thousand from corporate polluters
Putting toxic chemicals that can make us sick in our air and water
Tony Gonzales talks about access to care
But in reality Tony’s plan could leave thousands without the resources needed for lifesaving treatments
And to top it off
He speaks about protecting all of us
But his plan could leave thousands of Texans without healthcare
While we suffer through an economic crisis and fewer work opportunities
Tony stop with the half truths
We know who you really are

TX-24 – “Joined At The Hip
Beth Van Duyne and Donald Trump
Joined at the hip on healthcare
Van Duyne and Trump took campaign cash from polluters that can make us sick
They supported a plan to take away healthcare for millions
And gut protections for pre-existing conditions
And Van Duyne ignored the science
Recklessly siding with politicians on reopening
As COVID cases surged in Texas
Van Duyne and Trump
Their health care record is sickening


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Paid for by LCV Victory Fund,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.