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LCV Victory Fund Launches $500,000 Digital Persuasion Ad Against Sen. Tillis

Oct 22, 2020

Contact: Emily Samsel,, 828-713-9647

Raleigh, NC — LCV Victory Fund has started running a new $500,000 digital persuasion ad to defeat North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis. The new ad calls attention to the special interest money Tillis has taken and his votes to gut protections for pre-existing conditions, his support for corporate polluter Duke Energy, and his votes to give tax breaks to the pharmaceutical industry. 

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“It’s clear that Senator Tillis’ allegiance is to the corporate polluters who fund his campaign, not North Carolina communities,” said Megan Jacobs, LCV Victory Fund National Campaigns Director. “North Carolinians deserve a senator who works for them. We need to send Cal Cunningham to Washington to fight for the health and safety of North Carolina families.”

Sen. Tillis is a member of LCV Victory Fund’s Dirty Dozen list of some of the worst anti-environmental candidates. Tillis has a lifetime LCV score of just 9%. From referring to climate change as “false science” to voting against acknowledging that climate change is real, Tillis has a long history of denying the threat of the climate crisis — despite the fact that North Carolina has been hit by a series of devastating hurricanes causing billions of dollars in damage. 

Look out for Thom Tillis
He voted four times to gut protections for pre-existing conditions
Like asthma, diabetes, cancer, and even COVID
And took campaign cash from the insurance industry
Tillis sided with Duke Energy
After it polluted our rivers with 40,000 tons of toxic coal ash
And he took their money too
He voted to give drug corporations billions in tax breaks
And took nearly half a million in campaign cash from the pharmaceutical industry
In this light
It’s clear
Thom Tillis isn’t looking out for us

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Paid for by LCV Victory Fund,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.