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LCV Victory Fund Launches $750,000 TV Ad Campaign in Nevada Senate Race

Jul 19, 2016

Las Vegas, NV – Today, LCV Victory Fund launched its first TV advertising campaign in the Nevada Senate race, detailing Rep. Heck’s unsavory alliance with Big Oil and the Koch brothers. The ad, “Struck,” highlights the connection between the millions of dollars spent by the Koch brothers in support of Heck’s campaigns and Heck’s votes to preserve billions in tax breaks for oil companies, his staunch climate change denialism, and his opposition to Nevada’s growing solar economy.

“Who else has pumped millions in to elect Joe Heck?” asks the ad’s voiceover. “The ‘big oil’ billionaire Koch brothers. They struck it big with Congressman Heck. They spend millions getting him elected. He denies the science of climate change. Voting for billions in tax breaks for oil companies. And against our solar economy, risking good Nevada jobs. Nevada’s got all the sun in the world, but Joe Heck takes Big Oil’s money and votes Big Oil’s way.”

You can view the ad’s script and backup here.

The over $750,000 LCV Victory Fund campaign will begin on Wednesday and run through the end of the month for over 1000 GRPs on broadcast and cable in the Las Vegas and Reno media markets. Alongside LCV’s previously announced field effort—a $1.4 million independent expenditure in support of Catherine Cortez Masto’s candidacy for Nevada Senate–this new buy brings LCV and LCV Victory Fund’s total investment in this race to approximately $2 million.

In the last month, LCV also announced independent expenditure programs in the Ohio and Pennsylvania Senate races. In the presidential race, LCV and LCV Victory Fund have engaged in digital advertising and a direct mail campaign supporting Hillary Clinton in early primary states.

In 2014, LCV, LCV Victory Fund, and state LCVs invested a record total of over $30 million in elections — by far the most that LCV has ever spent. Federal races accounted for over $19 million of total spending, while LCV and state LCVs combined to spend over $10 million on state elections.


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