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LCV Victory Fund Launches $778K Ad in CA-49, Names Harkey & Rohrabacher to Dirty Dozen

Oct 9, 2018

Alyssa Roberts, 202-454-4573,

Los Angeles, California – LCV Victory Fund today named Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (CA-48) and candidate Diane Harkey (CA-49) to the signature House Dirty Dozen list. For more than 20 years, the Dirty Dozen has featured some of the most anti-environment candidates running for office across the country who LCV Victory Fund is working to defeat. LCV Victory Fund also unveiled a new $778,000 TV ad against Harkey, which will run in the San Diego media market for two weeks.

WATCH: “Turned Her Back”

“Dana Rohrabacher and Diane Harkey share long records of putting polluters ahead of protecting Californians’ health and environment,” said Pete Maysmith, LCV Victory Fund Senior Vice President of Campaigns. “Rohrabacher is a conspiracy theorist who refuses to accept the urgent need to act on climate. Harkey has actively opposed efforts to reduce carbon emissions and turned her back on protecting California’s coasts from offshore drilling. Both have earned their spots on the Dirty Dozen, but neither will earn the votes of Californians who want Congress to protect our environment and fight climate change.”

Emulating President Trump, Rohrabacher has called climate change a “fraud” and “big lie.” He has a 10 percent lifetime environmental voting record on LCV’s scorecard. Rohrabacher has opposed several attempts to reduce carbon emissions and insists that carbon dioxide does not hurt people’s health. LCV Victory Fund highlighted his climate conspiracies in a digital ad last month, “Smoke & Fire”.

As a state assemblymember, Harkey also opposed cutting carbon pollution and sided with polluters time after time. She attempted to block California’s efforts to decrease smog pollution, curtail climate change and expand renewable energy like wind and solar. On offshore drilling, Harkey refused to vote against drilling off California’s coast at least three times. This is the second ad that LCV Victory Fund has run in Harkey’s district, following “Gas Mask” last month.

A script of the CA-49 ad can be found below, and research backup is available here.


“Turned Her Back”

Offshore drilling. They want it. We don’t.

But Diane Harkey turned her back on protecting the California coast.

Harkey took over a $100,000 from the oil and gas industry.

No wonder Harkey refused to vote against drilling off our coast — three times. And opposed holding offshore drillers accountable for the damage they cause.

Diane Harkey puts the special interests ahead of us.

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