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Press Releases

LCV Victory Fund Launching $860,000 TV Ad Campaign in Nevada Senate Race

Sep 6, 2016

Las Vegas, NV – Today, LCV Victory Fund is announcing the launch of a new $860,000 TV ad campaign detailing how many Nevada jobs Rep. Joe Heck has put at risk with his votes to protect tax breaks for Big Oil. This ad builds on an already substantial investment to defeat Heck, including LCV’s $1.4 million persuasion canvass campaign and LCV Victory Fund’s previous $750,000 ad campaign, bringing LCV and LCV Victory Fund’s total investment to over $3 million. LCV also named Heck to its signature Dirty Dozen list in June.

You can view the ad, “Risk,” here, with script and backup here. This new ad campaign will run on broadcast and cable in the Las Vegas media market for 1,350 GRPs through the 15th, and in the Reno media market for 1,400 GRPs through the 19th.

“Twenty five thousand jobs. That’s how many jobs Nevada’s created in clean energy,” reads the ads voiceover. “That’s how many Nevada jobs Joe Heck puts at risk when he votes Big Oil’s way. Joe Heck’s taken hundreds of thousands in big oil money. And voted their way, protecting billions in tax breaks for big oil. Threatening Nevada’s solar economy. Twenty five thousand Nevada jobs at risk. Because Joe Heck’s in big oil’s pocket.”

“It’s unconscionable that Heck has taken votes that threaten tens of thousands of high-quality jobs in Nevada’s solar economy just to please his Big Oil benefactors,” said Nevada Conservation League Executive Director Andy Maggi. “While Heck has been receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from the dirty fossil fuel industry to keep himself in office, he has been voting their way to protect the billions they get in taxpayer handouts.  He’s even opposed critical clean air and water protections that protect the health of our families for the sake of their profits. Clearly, Joe Heck would not represent the people of Nevada in the Senate, he’d be there for Big Polluters.”


Paid for by LCV Victory Fund,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.