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LCV Victory Fund Releases New Radio Ads, Mail Pieces to Support Donna Edwards in MD-04 Primary

Jul 1, 2022

Nick Abraham,, 206-833-7021

Washington, D.C. – On the heels of Monday’s announcement that LCV Victory Fund would invest $550,000 in support of Donna Edwards in the Democratic primary to represent Maryland’s 4th Congressional District, the organization announced today that it is increasing spending to $650,000 in the race, and released new radio ads and direct mail pieces.


VIEW SAMPLE MAILER: Experienced, Progressive Leader


[“Call to Mom”] will begin to air the week of July 4 on radio stations in Maryland’s 4th Congressional District that reach a large audience of Black voters.

Additionally, mailers from the direct mail program LCV Victory Fund first announced on Monday will show up in Maryland voters’ mailboxes beginning July 1st through the first half of the month. The mailers will be sent to Black women and voters under the age of 50, as well as any voters new to the 4th Congressional District. 

“Donna Edwards will stand up to the oil companies that are jacking up gas prices and polluting our air, fight for stronger gun laws, and deliver progress for Prince George’s County – she has the record to prove it,” said Joann Saridakis, LCV Victory Fund Regional Campaigns Director. “The last year has made it clearer than ever that we need strong pro-environment leaders like Edwards in Congress who know how to make deals and get things done.”

Full script for the example radio ad is below.

Call to Mom

Ringing sound

VO #1: Hello?

VO #2: Mom, I’m not sure who to vote for. 

VO #1: Well, what are you calling me for? 

VO #2: I know you know about these things!

VO #1: I know that Donna Edwards gets things done for us in Prince George’s County. And Speaker Pelosi needs her in Congress!

VO #2: Will she stand up for stronger gun laws?

VO #1: Yes. I know she will. 

VO #2: Will she stop polluters and fight climate change?

VO #1: That’s what she did when she was in Congress, and I know that’s what she’ll do again. 

VO #2: And last question, will Donna Edwards stand up for women? 

VO #1: Girl, I don’t know why you have to ask. YES. Donna Edwards will stand up for our rights. So fill out your ballot and send it back, or go vote early between July 7th and 14th. Election Day is July 19th, so don’t sleep on this!

VO #2: Thanks, Mom. 

VO #1: That’s what I’m here for. 

# # #

Paid for by LCV Victory Fund,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.