New LCV ads calling on Rep. Pappas to continue his support for federal climate action

Oct 8, 2021

Nick Abraham,, 206-833-7021

Manchester, NH —The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) launched new digital ads across New Hampshire today highlighting Congressman Pappas’ efforts to prioritize clean energy investments and real climate action in the Build Back Better Act. LCV is fighting to ensure the US House and Senate finalize and pass a bill that meets the country’s “Climate Test” and puts the U.S. on track to cut carbon emissions in half by 2030 — the goal that President Biden set and science and justice require. As his state continues to see worsening flooding and hotter drier summers, we are encouraging Rep. Pappas to continue to stand up for New Hampshire and ensure we do not miss this opportunity to act.

Watch Innovation (Rep. Chris Pappas NH-01)

What has always driven America’s economy forward?

Innovation, hard work, investing in new technologies that create whole new industries.

Congressman Pappas is fighting for major investments powering our transition to a clean energy economy.

Putting people to work in good paying jobs tackling climate change 

with new industries that drive the future forward.

Call and thank Chris Pappas for helping America build back better.

Because America’s doers, fixers, and makers are ready to go.

Polling last month from Hart Research shows New Hampshire voters support the Build Back Better Act by an 18 point margin. This polling was  part of a larger survey of voters in Arizona, Colorado, New Hampshire, Nevada, and Georgia on their support for the Build Back Better Act and key climate and clean energy provisions from September 9-13, 2021.