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NEW IN VIRGINIA: 2019 Efforts Expand to $1.5M; $100K Radio Buy Starts Today

Oct 25, 2019

Contact: Emily Samsel,, 202-454-4573

LCV’s state affiliate in Virginia, Virginia LCV, announced this week that they have expanded 2019 efforts to secure pro-environment majorities in both chambers of the Virginia General Assembly to a $1.5 million program by Virginia LCV PAC targeting 11 priority House and Senate Districts, the largest spend on state legislative races in Virginia LCV history.

The program includes direct mail, digital advertising and $100k in new radio ads launching this weekend and running through Election Day targeting African American voters.

Listen to the three radio ads:

Sheila Bynum-Coleman (HD66)

Clint Jenkins (HD76)

Alex Askew (HD85)

Example script below.

More details on Virginia LCV PAC’s expanded 2019 program are available here and below. Virginia LCV’s major investment in these elections reflects the urgency of the climate crisis – anti-environment Republicans have blocked progress on climate at every turn, we can’t wait to elect leaders who will take action instead of catering to corporate polluters.


Example radio ad script – Sheila Bynum-Coleman (HD66)

VO: We have an important election coming up on November 5th

And now more than ever, we need to make our voices heard

See, corporate polluters are giving money to Republican campaigns

Republicans like Curt Cox

He’s helped corporate polluters stop important laws that would have cut pollution that causes asthma and heart disease

And we know these health problems hurt our community the most

Listen, we can’t become the next Flint

Our young people, our health, our drinking water

We are way more important than corporate polluters

We must say no to Republican Curt Cox

And vote for Democrat Sheila Bynum-Coleman

On Tuesday, November 5th

Sheila Bynum-Coleman: This is Democrat Sheila Bynum-Coleman

And I ask for your vote because I’ll stand up to polluters and protect our water and the health of the community

Remember, Election Day is Tuesday, November 5th

Make a plan to get to the polls and vote for me, Sheila Bynum-Coleman

Because together we must make our voices heard

VO: Paid for by Virginia League of Conservation Voters PAC

Sheila Bynum-Coleman: Authorized for Sheila for Delegate




Environmental group more than doubles number of priority House Districts; electoral efforts in 2019 reach $1.5M

For Immediate Release:
Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019

Contact: Lee Francis | Deputy Director
Virginia League of Conservation Voters
(804) 225-1902 |

RICHMOND – With a Conservation Majority at stake heading toward Election Day and two weeks to go, the Virginia League of Conservation Voters today announced it had expanded the number of priority districts where the organization is investing big to ensure the next General Assembly puts Virginia’s environment first.

In making decisions to prioritize the races of Shelly Simonds (HD-94), Clinton Jenkins (HD-76), Alex Askew (HD-85), and Rodney Willett (HD-73), Virginia LCV more than doubled the number of priority House districts from the initial program rolled out in early September.

“Election Day will be pivotal for Virginia’s future – our environment, our health, and our economy – and our expanded program reflects this urgency,” said Michael Town, executive director of Virginia LCV. “We must elect candidates in November who will act to address the climate crisis and protect our environment and health instead of catering to corporate polluters – we simply can’t afford further inaction and obstruction at the General Assembly.”

Overall, Virginia is investing approximately $1.5 million in this year’s election cycle – in programmatic investments and direct candidate contributions – with the intent to secure “Conservation Majorities” in both chambers of the Virginia General Assembly. This greatly outpaces what Virginia LCV spent in the 2015 state legislative races.

Investments in target districts are going toward layered communication of direct mail and digital advertisements to voters. The goal is to raise the stakes in each race for voters who care about our environment, about keeping people safe from pollution, and about fighting against the climate crisis.

To-date, mail and digital programs have reached hundreds of thousands of voters with pieces like these: Senate District 12Senate District 7House District 21House District 85, and House District 51.

Top Priority Districts Now Include:

Alex Askew – House District 85
Hala Ayala – House District 51
Kelly Convirs-Fowler – House District 21
Wendy Gooditis – House District 10
Clint Jenkins – House District 76
Shelly Simonds – House District 94
Rodney Willett – House District 73

John Bell – Senate District 13
Ghazala Hashmi – Senate District 10
Debra Rodman – Senate District 12
Cheryl Turpin – Senate District 7

Virginia LCV has also moved to endorse the following candidates since announcing an initial slate in September:

Senate of Virginia

John Edwards – Senate District 21
Lynwood Lewis – Senate District 6
Monty Mason ­– Senate District 1
Chap Petersen – Senate District 34

Virginia House of Delegates

Lashrecse Aird – House District 63
Jennifer Carroll Foy – House District 2
Lee Carter – House District 50
Sally Hudson – House District 57
Kaye Kory – House District 38
Paul Krizek – House District 44
Martha Mugler – House District 91

About us: The Virginia League of Conservation Voters serves as the political voice of the state’s conservation community, working to make sure Virginia’s elected officials recognize that our natural heritage is an environmental and economic treasure for all. Virginia LCV works with conservation leaders across Virginia and strives for a conservation majority in state government. We secure good public policies on the state level and hold public officials accountable for their positions on environmental issues. For more information, visit


Paid for by the Virginia League of Conservation Voters. Not authorized by a candidate.