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Oregon Update: Response to Gov. Brown’s Climate Exec. Order

Mar 10, 2020

Doug Moore; (503) 729-5175;

The Oregon League of Conservation Voters issued the following statement this afternoon in response to Governor Kate Brown’s historic executive order to tackle climate change. The Governor’s executive order followed the end of a frustrating legislative session that left over 100 bills untouched after Republicans in both the House and Senate left the Capitol to protest a cap-and-trade bill and never came back.

OLCV has worked closely with the Governor to get to this point and Executive Director Doug Moore is available to the press to discuss (503-729-5175;

OLCV Contact: Doug Moore, OLCV Executive Director
(503) 729-5175;

Statement from OLCV Executive Director Doug Moore regarding Governor Kate Brown’s executive order to tackle climate change

“Today, Governor Kate Brown delivered for Oregonians, especially younger Oregonians, with an historic executive order to tackle climate change. Oregon can now stand proud as a leader on the most important issue of our time.

This is what climate leadership looks like: cleaner fuels that reduce toxic air pollution and improve the health of Oregonians, cleaner buildings that are more energy efficient and save people money on energy bills, big polluters truly held accountable, and meeting our critical climate reduction goals so that the next generation and the next after that get a chance to thrive.

This executive order means hope for our kids’ future, and it shows the power of real leadership backed up by an incredible movement of people – people from across our state, from young to old, from different backgrounds and with different life experiences – all fighting together and never giving up on achieving climate action.”