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This Week In Climate Action


Dec 21, 2023

In 2023’s final edition of This Week in Climate Action, we are highlighting some of our biggest climate and democracy wins from the past year. As always, be sure to follow LCV on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and we will see you in 2024!


“When Black small businesses grow, everything benefits.”

President Joe Biden speaking in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on how his Investing in America agenda has led to a Black small business boom.

“President Biden and I will continue to fight to make sure all communities have the resources they need to advance environmental justice and to make sure all people can breathe clean air, drink clean water, and live in a healthy community.”

Vice President Kamala Harris on the administration’s announcement that it will provide $600 million to community organizations to fund local environmental justice projects.

“There’s going to be a lot of really exciting things to watch.”

Nick Abraham, LCV Senior State Communications Director, on state climate action in 2024, as featured in the final edition of Maxine Joselow and Vanessa Montalbano’s Climate 202 from the Washington Post.


TOP CLIMATE WINS OF 2023: Each Monday, LCV rounds up five of the best good climate news stories we celebrated that week. For the last week of 2023, we’ll be celebrating the best good climate news stories of the entire year. Stay tuned on our socials to learn more but expect to see stories like: the Inflation Reduction Act creating over 211,000 jobs and causing investments in clean energy to skyrocket; climate champions winning elections across the country; the designation of Avi Kwa Ame and Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni as national monuments; both Michigan and Minnesota passing bills requiring 100% clean energy by 2040; and President Biden’s announcement of the launch of the first American Climate Corps.

LCV’S 2023 TOP 5: For this month’s Top 5 on The Power Source Blog, we similarly compiled some of our biggest wins from 2023. The blog highlights the work our Chispa program has done toward transitioning the nation’s 480,000 polluting diesel school buses to a clean, electric fleet; the one year anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act and all that we have accomplished since its passage; the release of our 2022 National Environmental Scorecard; the incredible work of our state affiliates across the Conservation Voters Movement (CVM); and our success in helping get climate champions elected to state and local positions. Read the full stories on the blog!

LCV’S 2023 DEMOCRACY WINS: Over the last year, LCV has worked tirelessly to secure a more equitable democracy for all — from helping to confirm over 65 pro-democracy judges to passing or protecting nearly 150 democracy policies nationwide. With the help of LCV’s state affiliates in the Conservation Voter Movement and our incredible supporters, we sent over 812,000 calls, texts, and emails to get out the vote in local primary and general elections, knocked on over 34,000 doors, and took over 18,000 digital actions to enact or safeguard state-level policies. Check out LCV’s Democracy Wrapped to learn more!

LOOKING AHEAD: Next year will see a presidential election, elections for 34 Senate seats and all 435 House seats, 11 gubernatorial elections, and local elections in every state. It is more important than ever to do everything in our power to protect and strengthen our democracy. In 2024, LCV plans to continue building support for passing pro-democracy legislation like the Freedom to Vote Act, the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, the Judiciary Act, and the Washington, D.C. Admission Act. Learn more about LCV’s plans to protect our democracy in 2024 on Instagram.

CHISPA YEAR IN REVIEW: Chispa LCV had some major wins in 2023, including in the states securing $300,000 in the Arizona state budget for a Trees for Kids initiative, and urging the Public Utilities of Nevada to ensure families have predictable and affordable utility bills. At the federal level, Chispa condemned the DHS’ decision to waive environmental laws and supported the EPA’s Clean School Bus Grant Program. In 2024, Chispa looks forward to continuing to advocate for cleaner air, laws, and vehicles! Check out Chispa’s 2023 Wrapped post on Instagram!

WHITE HOUSE RELEASES 2023 CLEAN ENERGY ECONOMY REPORT: The White House released a report detailing progress to-date on President Biden’s Investing in American agenda, including historic investment in clean energy through the IIJA and IRA, and how these investments are helping the administration achieve its climate goals. Read the full report to learn more!


WHITE HOUSE ANNOUNCES CLIMATE CORPS LISTENING SESSIONS: Earlier this year, the Biden administration announced the creation of the American Climate Corps, a job training and placement program preparing young people to do the hands-on work necessary to tackle the climate crisis.

The administration has announced it will host virtual listening sessions in early 2024 with Senator Ed Markey, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland, White House National Climate Advisor Ali Zaidi, AmeriCorps CEO Michael Smith to hear the thoughts and ideas of interested young people as they determine how to shape the program. Learn more and sign up for listening sessions here.

BIDEN, HARRIS REAFFIRM COMMITMENT TO ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE: Vice President Harris announced that the administration will provide a “down-payment” of $600 million to 11 organizations to fund local environmental justice projects.

BIDEN ADMINISTRATION PROPOSES PROTECTIONS FOR OLD GROWTH FORESTS: The Biden-Harris administration has released a new proposal to protect old-growth forests, which are some of the world’s largest carbon sinks.

OUR TAKE: LCV Conservation Program Director America Fitzpatrick said, “The Biden-Harris administration made great progress in addressing the climate crisis today with its historic proposal to protect old-growth forests across the United States. We applaud the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) for this first-of-its-kind proposal that will conserve old-growth forests, support forest resilience and protect biodiversity. We hope the USFS will take future action to protect mature trees as well, and we look forward to supporting the USFS as it works to make our national forests part of the climate solution.”



JANUARY 5: Jan 6 Justice: Democracy on the Line press conference at the Capitol

JANUARY 15: Iowa Republican Presidential Caucus

JANUARY 17: SCOTUS hears oral arguments for Relentless, Inc., et al. v. Dept. of Commerce

JANUARY 19: Federal government funding runs out for the Departments of Agriculture, House and Urban Development, Transportation, and Veterans Affairs, unless a continuing resolution or appropriations bill is enacted.

FEBRUARY 2: All other federal agencies shut down unless a continuing resolution or appropriations bill is enacted.