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Voters Continue to Support Clean Energy Champions

In New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania and across the country voters turned out for proven climate leaders
Nov 8, 2023

Washington, DC: Tonight, while results are still being tallied, it’s clear that environmental champions across the country won–continuing a trend we’ve seen over the last several elections. Voters elected state and local candidates who have chosen bold clean energy leadership, and rejected cynical, baseless attacks from Big Oil and their political allies. 

In Virginia, Governor Youngkin led an unprecedented spending campaign by promising to establish a Republican trifecta. But despite this wave of attacks including a late effort to attack electric vehicles, climate champions held the state Senate and flipped the House of Delegates, ensuring a new conservation majority and a backstop against the Governor’s extreme anti-science, anti-climate agenda.

In New Jersey, fossil fuel companies for months have funded astroturf organizations to undermine support for offshore wind. But pro-clean energy candidates under an avalanche of anti-wind spending, won across the state returning an expanded Democratic trifecta to Trenton.

In a critical Pennsylvania State Supreme Court race, Democrat Dan McCaffery comfortably defeated Republican Carolyn Carluccio after a nearly eight figure race. McCaffery’s win could go a long way to protecting our democracy from outside attacks and ensuring climate action programs, like the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative get a fair hearing.

“Year after year, voters continue to tell their leaders, if you tackle climate change and stand for clean energy we will stand with you,” said Pete Maysmith, League of Conservation Voters Senior Vice President for Campaigns. “LCV’s state affiliates worked tirelessly to support candidates dedicated to protecting our environment and democracy. Up and down the ticket big oil spent millions trying to convince us to turn our backs on a clean energy future but voters once again rejected their lies.”

There are still a number of important races outstanding – from mayoral races in Boise and Tucson to city councils in Colorado – among others, yet to call. See more details in LCV’s pre-election memo here. We will be following closely and tracking results throughout the night and week.