Week in Review: December 6, 2019

Dec 6, 2019

With world leaders gathering in Madrid for the U.N. Climate Change Conference (COP25), it’s more apparent than ever that the next president must exercise strong leadership on climate at home and abroad, which includes committing the U.S. to exceed our current commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement. The good news is that the climate crisis continues to be at the forefront of the presidential primary process.

Here are some climate highlights from the campaign trail this week:

  • Michael Bennet argued for “durable solutions” to climate change while campaigning in Iowa.
  • Joe Biden is using the climate crisis to appeal to rural voters, writes a columnist for the Guardian.
  • Cory Booker released a new HBCUs plan that calls for putting HBCUs at the center of the fight against climate change.
  • Pete Buttigieg talked about the extreme weather events he’s witnessed in South Bend as mayor. 
  • Julián Castro gave a foreign policy speech in which he highlighted the need for the U.S. leadership on climate.
  • Amy Klobuchar released a national service plan that calls for recruiting 50,000 people for a Climate Civilian Conservation Corps.
  • Bernie Sanders spoke to a Columbia, S.C., congregation about climate change, saying “We must protect God’s Earth.”
  • Tom Steyer released a new 60-second TV ad focused on his plan to declare a state of emergency on climate.
  • Elizabeth Warren said racial justice will be at the heart of her climate plan during a town hall in Iowa.
  • Andrew Yang talked about financial security and climate change with the Weather Channel.

Also this week, two long-time environmental champions ended their presidential campaigns. Kamala Harris has spent her career bravely fighting for all communities, including communities of color facing the worst effects of pollution and climate change. Steve Bullock has been a steadfast ally in the fight against climate change and a fierce advocate for the protection of our public lands. We’re confident that both will continue to fight for a cleaner, safer, more sustainable future.

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