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What they are saying this week: Congressional, State & Local Democrats United in Support of Climate Action

Jan 28, 2022

Congressional, State & Local Democrats Speak with One Voice on Climate Action

As Congress prepares to refocus on President Biden’s signature domestic policy legislation, the party is united around ambitious plans to tackle the climate crisis. That plan means passing the Build Back Better Act, which will set the nation on a path to cutting dangerous climate pollution in half by 2030, meeting the President’s goal to address the “code red moment for our nation.”

This week during recess, Members of Congress used their time at home to meet with constituents and discuss what lies ahead for Congress. Climate was a major focus for members representing every corner of the nation, who called for swift passage of the Build Back Better Act’s climate investments in order to avert further catastrophe. In town halls, press interviews, and on social media, the Democratic Party was united in its support for Build Back Better’s investments in climate, clean energy, and environmental justice.

State and local elected officials joined the chorus of support for the climate investments in Build Back Better during a week of action organized by the League of Conservation Voters and its more than 30 state affiliates.

Highlights of what Members of Congress are saying:

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (NY)

  • “As Majority Leader, I am proud to have secured the key provisions in the bipartisan infrastructure and jobs law to make this transition to electric vehicles possible. I will keep fighting to pass more bold legislation like the Build Back Better Act and my U.S. Innovation and Competition Act to create more manufacturing jobs right here in Upstate New York and further position the U.S. to lead the world in electric vehicle manufacturing.’” [Press Release, 1/21/22]

Sen. Maria Cantwell (WA)

  • “The science is undeniable. The Earth is warmer and the climate has changed.  We must take action by passing Build Back Better — which would be the largest investment in mitigating and adapting to climate change in our nation’s history.” [Twitter, 1/16/22]

Sen. Tom Carper (DE)

  • “The administration’s actions—along with actions required under the bipartisan infrastructure law—will advance clean energy deployment across this country in a way that creates good-paying jobs and lowers energy costs for consumers. Still, it’s time for Congress to do our part. We must pass the clean energy investments in Build Back Better Act and truly unleash our nation’s clean energy future.’” [Press Release, 1/12/22]

Rep. Katherine Clark (MA-05)

  • “Tackling the climate crisis is how we #BuildBackBetter. If we don’t, there will be nothing left to build on. #ClimateCantWait” [Twitter, 1/26/22]

Sen. Martin Heinrich (NM)

  • “US drought coverage climbed above 50% for the first time since 2013. This crisis demands solutions that meet the severity of the situation. I implore my colleagues in the Senate to join me in the fight against climate change.” [Twitter, 1/24/22]

Sen. Markey (MA)

  • “We can use climate as a foundation for a deal on Build Back Better,” Markey said during a virtual town hall last night with leaders of environmental groups and White House Council on Environmental Quality Chair Brenda Mallory. We can bring climate justice to communities around the country and build a package that has 50 votes,” he added. “Add in any other provisions on any other issues that have 50 votes, like climate, and that’s our package.” [Washington Post, 1/26/22]
  • “Here is how we pass a Build Back Better deal. We start with the climate, energy, and environmental jobs and justice provisions which are largely worked through, financed, and agreed upon. Then we add as many of the working families provisions that can reach 50 votes as we can.” [Twitter, 1/24/22]

Sen. Whitehouse (RI)

  • “The climate crisis is in motion, and Americans demand ambitious solutions. We must pass Build Back Better to meet that challenge and ensure a livable, equitable future.” [Twitter, 1/26/22]
  • “We can’t afford to shrink from the climate threat. With Build Back Better, we can expand clean energy production, create good-paying jobs, and set an example for the rest of the world.” [Twitter, 1/24/22]

Sen. Ron Wyden (OR)

  • “In terms of how we proceed, I think the climate piece of the package offers a path forward. We’ve been talking to Senator Manchin for years on climate, and have met him where he is.” [Twitter, 1/26/22]

Sen. Tina Smith (MN)

  • “There is real space for optimism for passing good legislation, especially on climate. Senator Manchin has said he is ok with much of the climate parts of the bill. Good, let’s do it.” [Twitter, 1/24/22]

Rep. Cindy Axne (IA-03)

  • “We will keep working, keep organizing, keep the pressure on our Senate colleagues until we get to Yes.” [Town Hall Meeting, 1/25/22]

Rep. Carolyn Bourdeaux (GA-07)

  • The Build Back Better Act is critical to fighting economic inequality, combating the climate crisis, and getting our economy back on track.
  • It would:
  • ✅ Close the Medicaid coverage gap
  • ✅ Deliver universal pre-K
  • ✅ Expand the Child Tax Cut
  • ✅ And more…
  • (2/2) For months, I worked with my colleagues to shape this historic legislation and ensure it meets the longstanding needs of Georgians.
  • Our fight isn’t over. We’re going to work to bring back #BuildBackBetter” [Twitter, 1/14/22]

Rep. Sean Casten (IL-06)

  • “Deadly ice storms in TX, flash floods across the Eastern Seaboard, December tornadoes & January wildfires. >40% of Americans live in counties hit by climate disasters in 2021–and that’s BEFORE you account for the 80% who suffered through extreme heat. #ClimateAction can’t wait.” [Twitter, 1/25/22]

Rep. Jason Crow (CO-06)

  • “We can’t talk about the climate crisis with words like ‘if’ or ‘when.’ The climate crisis is happening now. And we must act.” [Twitter, 1/20/22]

Rep. Ruben Gallego (AZ-07)

  • “The American people need the Build Back Better agenda. It represents a comprehensive approach that delivers for all communities and on so many concerns, from economic anxiety to climate change. We cannot give up on this bill.” [Twitter, 1/23/22]

Rep. Jimmy Gomez (CA-34)

  • Both climate change & the housing crisis pose an existential threat to Angelenos, and both must be addressed with urgency. The Build Back Better Act, passed by the House, includes two bills I championed that reduce energy prices & emissions. [Twitter, 1/24/22]

Rep. Veronica Escobar (TX-16)

  • The record-breaking heat and drought in Texas make it abundantly clear: the climate crisis is here and it’s not slowing down. It’s time for the Senate to pass the Build Back Better Act to #ActOnClimate [Twitter, 1/18/22]

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (WA-07)

  • “We don’t have the luxury of giving up on Build Back Better. We can and must make transformative investments that will change people’s lives for the better. Let’s get this done.” [Twitter, 1/25/22]

Rep. Ro Khanna (CA-17)

  • ​​”There’s no other option. If you care about climate and the threat to our planet of inaction, then we have to get climate action passed. I would center a new package on getting as much of the robust $500 billion for climate investment […] I have had a number of encouraging conversations with Senator Manchin. I believe we should give him the deference and respect now to put something together that could be a consensus. That’s our best chance of having something get to the president’s desk […] To me, the most urgent part is we have to pass climate.” [The New Republic, 1/25/22]

Rep. Derek Kilmer (WA-06)

  • “There is no debate – the climate crisis is real and it is past time for Congress to take bold action. That’s why @NewDemCoalition helped the House pass the #BuildBackBetter Act – the largest effort to combat climate change in American history.” [Twitter, 1/13/22]

Rep. Alan Lowenthal (CA-47)

  • Climate provisions in the Build Back Better Act can create good-paying union jobs, advance justice, and put us on the path to cut climate pollution in half by 2030. #ClimateAction cannot wait. We must get this done. #PassTheClimateBill. [Twitter, 1/26/22]

Rep. Joe Neguse (CO-02)

  • “Coloradans are paying the price of climate inaction through record wildfires, floods, and drought. Congress must pass a meaningful climate action agenda. There is no time to wait.” [Twitter, 1/24/22]

Highlights from state and local elected officials:

Aftab Pureval, Mayor of Cincinnati (OH)

  • “Comprehensive climate action requires collaboration from every level of government. With partnership at the federal level through the passage of the #BuildBackBetter Act, we can protect our resources, promote environmental justice, and keep equity in the center of the frame.” [Twitter, 1/24/22]

Sandra Jauregui, Nevada State Assemblywoman, District 41 (NV)

Jeremy Gragert, Eau Claire City Council member (WI)

  • Jeremy Gragert knows that leadership and support at the national level would “really help” his local community reach clean energy goals and improve livelihoods. On Build Back Better, he emphasized: “We need to keep the pressure on to make sure it’s as bold and equitable as it should be. There are a lot of people left behind by our economy right now and the state of our environment …we really need to act now.” [YouTube, wiconservation]

Jonathon Hansen, De Pere City Alderman (WI)

  • “We can’t wait any longer. We’re seeing all the extreme weather events throughout the country…We need help from the federal government to provide the resources to mitigate the effects of climate change.” [YouTube, wiconservation]

Amanda Chu, Brown County Supervisor  (WI)

  • Brown County Supervisor Amanda Chu wants everyone to know that climate resiliency, environmentalism, equity, and justice are all related. “These are important urgent reasons why we need the Build Back Better plan.” [YouTube, wiconservation]

Ryan Sorenson, Sheboygan Mayor (WI)

  • “On all the services that local government provides, we need to do our job. Now Congress needs to step up and do their job.” [YouTube, winconservation]

Randy Scannell, Green Bay Alderman (WI)

  • Alderman Randy Scannell is calling on Congress to #PassTheClimateBill to help support the city’s efforts to take bold climate action. National funding is urgently needed to make big changes and implement green practices. “Please give us that, and we’ll get to work.” [YouTube, wiconservation]

Meeka Owens, Cincinnati City Councilwoman (OH)

  • “As Chair of Cincinnati City Council’s 1st climate-focused committee, I’m joining @OECActionFund & @LCVoters to call on Congress to pass #BuildBackBetter and create millions of clean energy jobs in America, including in Cincinnati!” [Twitter, 1/25/22]

Jeffrey J. Mims, Jr., Mayor of Dayton (OH)

Lisa Cano Burkhead, Lieutenant Governor for Nevada (NV)

Brittney Miller,  Assemblywoman in Nevada State Legislature (NV)

  • “The #BuildBackBetter agenda would be game-changing for working families and our planet. Clean energy benefits all people–in rural and urban areas, in red and blue states.” [1/26/22]

Lance Robertson, East Point Councilman (GA)

  • “For Build Back Better, I applaud that administration… I hope we can stay to the core of the benefits for us.” [Twitter, 1/27/22]

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