Another Day, Another Clean Energy Victory in the States

May 9, 2019

Today, the Republican-controlled South Carolina state legislature unanimously passed the Energy Freedom Act, which will significantly expand the state’s solar industry and save thousands of good-paying solar jobs. The legislation now goes to the Governor’s desk for his expected signature.

“Today we celebrate the passage of the most comprehensive clean energy legislation ever seen in South Carolina because tens of thousands of citizens spoke up and demanded it,” said John Tynan, Executive Director of Conservation Voters of South Carolina (CVSC). “The unanimous support for clean energy shows the power that a bipartisan coalition of clean energy supporters can have. With this win, South Carolina is leading the way in a new era of clean energy leadership, and we are proud to have played a role in getting us here.”

Our friends at CVSC engaged in a broad grassroots campaign to educate voters about the bill and build momentum. The organization made over 1 million voter contacts since January, to drive support for the bill, including over 88,000 mail pieces, nearly 671,000 digital impressions, knocking on over 6,100 doors, and completing a phone program with over 200,000 calls.