LCV Statement on Senator Sanders’ 2016 Score

Feb 23, 2017

Seth Stein, 202-454-4573 or

Washington, DC: In conjunction with the release of the League of Conservation Voters’ 2016 National Environmental Scorecard, LCV released the following statement from Tiernan Sittenfeld, SVP of Government Affairs on Senator Sanders’ 2016 score:

“Senator Sanders has been a longtime champion for protecting the environment and public health, and we are so grateful for his tireless leadership.  His score on the 2016 National Environmental Scorecard is purely a function of missing all but one of the votes we scored while he was running for president. LCV has always scored missed votes as a negative, which means that other environmental champions – including John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama – also had dramatically lower scores in the years they ran for president.  Even with his 2016 score, Senator Sanders’ lifetime score is still a very impressive 91 percent. From promoting clean, renewable energy to keeping dirty fossil fuels in the ground to tackling the climate crisis head on, Senator Sanders is a tremendous ally and we applaud all that he has done and will do to fight the myriad attacks from the Trump administration and Republican leaders in Congress on both bedrock environmental laws and recent progress.”