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Leading Environmental Groups Announce $2.2 Million Ad Campaign Thanking Congress for Passing Inflation Reduction Act

Aug 12, 2022

Contact: Emily Samsel,, 828-713-9647 | Jason Phelps,, 651-274-9417

Washington, D.C. – Today, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) and Climate Power announced a $2.2 million ad campaign to thank Congress for passing the Inflation Reduction Act. The campaign includes TV and digital video ads, digital static ads, and print newspaper ads in states and districts across the country thanking dozens of Senators and House members. These ad buys come on top of Climate Power and LCV’s initial $100K Facebook ad investment thanking key Senators following Senate passage last weekend.

WATCH: “Major Win” (Rep. Andy Kim, NJ-03)

“A historic climate win like this deserves big thanks!” said Pete Maysmith, SVP of Campaigns at League of Conservation Voters. “It’s important for constituents to know that their representatives in Congress stood up for bold action on climate. We know we still have work to do to fully achieve climate justice. It is not surprising that the American Petroleum Institute, the fossil fuel industry, and their allies in Congress are already using scare tactics and misinformation about the good measures in this bill to attack climate champions. That’s why it’s important for constituents to know when their representatives in Congress stood up for bold action on climate.”

Member specific thank you ads are launching today and throughout the next week on CNN and MSNBC,  digital platforms, including social media and digital video platforms, and in print newspapers, in the following states and districts:

  • Arizona
    • Statewide (Sen. Kelly) 
    • AZ-01 (Rep. O’Halleran) 
    • AZ-03 (Rep. Grijalva) 
    • AZ-07 (Rep. Gallego) 
  • California
    • Statewide (Sen. Padilla, Sen. Feinstein) 
    • CA-02 (Rep. Huffman)
    • CA-05 (Rep. Thompson) 
    • CA-06 (Rep. Matsui) 
    • CA-10 (Rep. Harder)
    • CA-12 (Speaker Pelosi)  
    • CA-17 (Rep. Khanna) 
    • CA-24 (Rep. Carbajal) 
    • CA-26 (Rep. Brownley) 
    • CA-29 (Rep. Cárdenas) , 
    • CA-32 (Rep. Napolitano) 
    • CA-34 (Rep. Gomez) 
    • CA-36 (Rep. Ruiz) 
    • CA-44 (Rep. Barragán) 
    • CA-45 (Rep. Porter) 
    • CA-47 (Rep. Lowenthal) 
    • CA-49 (Rep. Levin) 
  • Colorado
    • Statewide (Sen. Bennet) 
    • Statewide (Sen. Hickenlooper) 
    • CO-02 (Rep. Neguse) 
  • Connecticut
    • Statewide (Sen. Blumenthal, Sen. Murphy) 
    • CT-05 (Rep. Hayes) 
  • Delaware
    • Statewide (Sen. Carper, Sen. Coons) 
    • DE-AL (Rep. Blunt-Rochester)
  • Florida
    • FL-10 (Rep. Demings) 
    • FL-14 (Rep. Castor)
  • Georgia 
    • Statewide (Sen. Warnock, Sen. Ossoff) 
    • GA-04 (Rep. Johnson) 
    • GA-05 (Rep. Williams) 
    • GA-06 (Rep. McBath) 
  • Hawaii
    • Statewide (Sen. Hirono, Sen. Schatz) 
  • Iowa
    • IA-03 (Rep. Axne) 
  • Illinois
    • Statewide (Sen. Duckworth, Sen. Durbin) 
    • IL-01 (Rep. Rush) 
    • IL-04 (Rep. García) 
    • IL-06 (Rep. Casten) 
    • IL-11 (Rep. Foster) 
    • IL-14 (Rep. Underwood) 
  • Kansas
    • KS-03 (Rep. Davids) 
  • Kentucky
    • KY-03 (Rep. Yarmuth) 
  • Maine
    • Statewide (Sen. King) 
    • ME-01 (Rep. Pingree) 
  • Maryland
    • Statewide (Sen. Van Hollen, Sen. Cardin) 
    • MD-05 (Rep. Hoyer) 
  • Massachusetts
    • Statewide (Sen. Markey, Sen. Warren) 
    • MA-01 (Rep. Neal) 
    • MA-05 (Rep. Clark) 
    • MA-07 (Rep. Pressley) 
  • Michigan
    • Statewide (Sen. Stabenow, Sen. Peters) 
    • MI-05 (Rep. Kildee) 
    • MI-08 (Rep. Slotkin)
    • MI-09 (Rep. Levin) 
    • MI-11 (Rep. Stevens) 
    • MI-12 (Rep. Dingell) 
    • MI-13 (Rep. Tlaib) 
  • Minnesota
    • Statewide (Sen. Smith, Sen. Klobuchar) 
    • MN-02 (Rep. Craig) 
    • MN-04 (Rep. McCollum) 
  • Montana
    • Statewide (Sen. Tester) 
  • New Mexico
    • Statewide – (Sen. Heinrich, Sen. Luján)
    • NM-01 (Rep. Stansbury) 
    • NM-03 (Rep. Leger Fernandez) 
  • Nevada
    • Statewide (Sen. Rosen) 
    • NV-01 (Rep. Titus) 
    • NV-03 (Rep. Lee) 
    • NV-04 (Rep. Horsford) 
  • New Hampshire
    • Statewide (Sen. Shaheen, Sen. Hassan)
    • NH-01 (Rep. Pappas)
    • NH-02 (Rep. Kuster)
  • New Jersey
    • Statewide (Sen. Booker) 
    • NJ-03 (Rep. Kim) 
    • NJ-06 (Rep. Pallone) 
    • NJ-07 (Rep. Malinoski)
    • NJ-11 (Rep. Sherrill)
  • New York
    • Statewide (Leader Schumer, Sen. Gillibrand) 
    • NY-08 (Rep. Jeffries) 
    • NY-09 (Rep. Clarke) 
    • NY-13 (Rep. Espaillat) 
    • NY-14 (Rep. Ocasio-Cortez) 
    • NY-20 (Rep. Tonko) 
  • North Carolina
    • NC-02 (Rep. Ross)
  • Ohio
    • Statewide (Sen. Brown) 
    • OH-03 (Rep. Beatty) 
  • Oregon
    • Statewide (Sen. Wyden, Sen. Merkley) 
    • OR-01 (Rep. Bonamici) 
    • OR-03 (Rep. Blumenauer) 
    • OR-04 (Rep. DeFazio) 
  • Pennsylvania
    • Statewide (Sen. Casey) 
    • PA-04 (Rep. Dean) 
    • PA-05 (Rep. Scanlon) 
    • PA-07 (Rep. Wild) 
    • PA-08 (Rep. Cartwright) 
  • Rhode Island
    • Statewide (Sen. Reed, Sen. Whitehouse) 
  • South Carolina
    • SC-06 (Rep. Clyburn) 
  • Texas
    • TX-16 (Rep. Escobar) 
  • Vermont
    • Statewide (Sen. Leahy) 
    • VT-AL (Rep. Welch) 
  • Virginia
    • Statewide (Sen. Kaine, Sen. Warner) 
    • VA-02 (Rep. Luria) 
    • VA-04 (Rep. McEachin) 
    • VA-07 (Rep. Spanberger) 
    • VA-08 (Rep. Beyer) 
  • Wisconsin
    • Statewide (Sen. Baldwin) 
    • WI-02 (Rep. Pocan) 
    • WI-04 (Rep. Moore)  
  • Washington
    • Statewide (Sen. Cantwell, Sen. Murray) 
    • WA-01 (Rep. DelBene) 
    • WA-06 (Rep. Kilmer) 
    • WA-07 (Rep. Jayapal) 
    • WA-08 (Rep. Schrier) 

Upon House passage of the historic Inflation Reduction Act, LCV issued a statement from SVP of Government Affairs Tiernan Sittenfeld and Climate Power issued a statement from Executive Director Lori Lodes. Both groups are complimentary of the historic Inflation Reduction Act, and have also pledged to fight the bill’s damaging provisions designed to benefit the still-too-powerful fossil fuel industry that could have particularly harmful impacts on Indigenous communities, people of color, and other front-line communities.

LCV, Climate Power and other leading climate advocacy groups have run an 18 month campaign to pass bold climate legislation. From over 400 events with members of Congress, cabinet officials, and other federal and local leaders, to LCV field teams knocking over 575,000 doors in key states, to engagement with more than 27,000 small businesses, to town hall advocacy, to tens of thousands of calls, to butter and ice sculpture art activations, to more than $50 million in paid TV and digital ads, LCV, Climate Power, and LCV’s state affiliates and partners left nothing on the table in the fight for the most significant climate bill in history.

Sample video ad script below.

“Major Win” (Rep. Andy Kim, NJ-03)
VO: Congressman Andy Kim just delivered a major win
Passing the Inflation Reduction Act 
That lowers energy bills for families and creates thousands of clean energy jobs
Jim, Business Owner: We make decals and plastic tags for solar panel installers
Now companies like mine can hire new workers
And it also feels good
Doing work that’ll lower utility bills
And tackle climate change
That’s a win for all of us
VO: Thank you, Congressman Kim
For passing the Inflation Reduction Act
That lowers costs and creates clean energy jobs


# # #