Nevada Governor Signs Bill Funding Electric School Buses

May 24, 2019

Yesterday, joined by Nevada parents and clean air advocates, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak signed legislation funding electric school buses. SB299 would allow funds from the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Demonstration (EVID) program to be used by school districts to cover up to 75% of the upfront cost of an electric school bus and/or related charging infrastructure. The bill passed out of the Nevada Senate and Assembly with overwhelming support.

“Senate Bill 299 is a victory for Nevada’s children,” said Rudy Zamora, Program Director of Chispa Nevada. “Right now, our kids are riding in toxic diesel school buses that put their health at risk, pollute the air we breathe, and damage our environment, but SB299 begins the transition to a clean ride for kids. For low-income communities of color who disproportionately suffer from dirty air and the corresponding lung and heart illnesses, this is an important opportunity for a better future”

Also yesterday in Nevada, the state Senate voted to approve Assembly Bill 465 unanimously, which would create a program expanding access to solar energy for more Nevada families and small businesses. A portion of the new program created under AB 465 will be set aside for low income customers, delivering a lower energy rate powered by clean energy. The program will also create workforce development and job training opportunities so every community has access to the economic benefits of the fast-growing solar industry.

“We are pleased to see the Senate pass Assembly Bill 465, which will reduce rates for Nevadans who want to go solar but can’t afford to do so, while creating well-paying jobs and reducing carbon pollution,” said Andy Maggi, Executive Director for the Nevada Conservation League. “This bill ensures Nevada’s clean energy economy continues to move in the right direction, expanding access to solar energy to more Nevadans who have been kept out through economic, workforce or systemic barriers.”