A Time for Heroes: Voting in Wisconsin

Aug 4, 2020

By LCV Voting Rights Program Director Justin Kwasa

The League of Conservation Voters believes that our earth is worth fighting for and we live that mission by voting for pro-environment candidates EVERY election. Below is the story of Amanda Urmanski, a Green Bay, Wisconsin voter who recounts her difficulties with voting in the Wisconsin primary on April 7th. The obstacles Amanda faced were: never receiving her mail-in ballot — despite requesting it weeks in advance, having to wait in crowded lines amidst a pandemic, and limited amount of polling centers given to the Green Bay area. A combination of these and other factors led to incredibly long lines and uninformed voters. Her experiences highlight multiple reasons why the The Heroes Act, which will provide funding to implement necessary voter protections across the county this November, is so important. Help protect the 2020 election by reaching out to your Senators to support the Heroes Act!