Nov 8, 2018

Victory in the 2018 Midterm Elections

By Gene Karpinski


On election night, together, we made history. Environmental candidates up and down the ballot and across the country will soon be representing us — including new pro-clean energy governors, pro-environment legislators in state capitals across the country, and a pro-environment majority in the U.S. House!

This Election Day was the purest form of resistance there is: Voters chose leaders who will stand up to the Trump administration and stand up for policies that will protect our communities. Here are some of the highlights:

Election by the numbers (so far — many races still too close to call):

  • 46 new pro-environment representatives elected to the U.S. House
  • 10 new green governors elected
  • Pro-environment gains in state legislatures, including (and counting!): flipping the senate in Colorado, 5 new pro-environment seats in both the Michigan house and senate, breaking the anti-environment super majority in North Carolina, flipping the Minnesota house to be pro-environment, creating a super majority in Nevada’s assembly and adding two pro-environment senators, and creating a super majority in Oregon.
  • 8 out of 13 Dirty Dozen candidates defeated in the House, 8 out of 12 in the Senate, and 10 out of 12 Dirty Dozen in the States candidates defeated (pending final results).
  • More than 2.9 million doors knocked, over 8.7 million pieces of mail sent, millions more voters reached through calling and texting, and over 40 TV and digital ads in more races than ever before.

In the House: We had one of the best outcomes of the night! We now have an environmental majority in the U.S. House to provide a long overdue check on the Trump administration. Many races are still being sorted out, but already yesterday’s #GreenWave swept in a stunning 43 environmental champions to the House — including Sharice Davids in KS-03, Colin Allred in TX-32, Angie Craig in MN-02, and Sean Casten in IL-06.

In the Senate: While polluter allies remain in control of the Senate, last night we welcomed a new environmental and clean energy champion to fight back against McConnell’s dirty agenda: Jacky Rosen, who defeated Dean Heller in Nevada. We also helped protect longtime champions Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin, Montana Senator Jon Tester, and Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown. Races in Arizona and Florida are currently too close to call.

In the states: Governors races are still being called, but right now we already have 10 new green governors. They include Janet Mills, a clean energy champion who ran a pro-environment campaign to defeat climate denier Shawn Moody in Maine — and who will be the state’s first woman governor — and Tony Evers, who ran on clean water as part of his platform and beat Scott Walker in Wisconsin. We also made great gains in a number of state legislatures — including flipping the Colorado senate to pro-environment, winning the largest pro-environment gain in the Michigan House and Senate since 1974, and securing a super environmental majority in the Nevada assembly.

These victories happened because of supporters like you. LCV Victory Fund, affiliated entities, and our state partners talked to more voters, in more places, in support of more pro-environment candidates than ever before. Over 1,400 LCV members volunteered with our GreenRoots program to contact voters. And environmental donors raised over $21 million for state and federal candidates via LCV Victory Fund’s GiveGreen.

The coming leadership changes will mean long overdue accountability and oversight for the Trump administration and their polluter allies. We are more determined than ever to protect our air, land, and water for all of our communities. Thank you once again for all of your hard work. None of this would have happened without you.