Leadership Development

Our country and our movement urgently need more leaders who share our vision of a world with clean air, clean water, public lands and a safe climate protected by a just and equitable democracy for generations to come.

We need leaders who understand that the scale of the change necessary is going to impact different communities differently, leaders who recognize the challenges ahead as an opportunity to do better than the environmental movement has done historically to include the most impacted communities among the leaders of our movement.

LCV and our state affiliates do many kinds of leadership development with the volunteers we work with. Investing in our volunteers – some of whom go on to become staff – is a way for us to build a stronger environmental movement. Through our leadership development work, we develop more skilled and capable leaders who lead powerful change in their communities to advance strong environmental policy.

In order to transition to a clean energy economy and shift our country and our planet to a sustainable way of life, we need to develop the leaders who can lead courageously as we take on the greatest challenge of our generation. LCV is proud of our role in this work.

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