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Carol M. Browner Statement on Sen. Schumer’s Plan for Clean Cars

Oct 25, 2019

Contact: Emily Samsel,, 202-454-4573

Washington, DC — In response to Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer’s op-ed announcing a plan to rapidly transition our country to entirely zero-emission vehicles by 2040, LCV Board Chair and former EPA administrator Carol M. Browner issued the following statement:

“While the Trump administration is rolling back standards that make cars cleaner and safer, we have leaders like Senator Schumer putting forward sensible, achievable and thoughtful ideas aimed at addressing the climate crisis and making solutions more affordable for lower-income families. The transportation sector is the leading source of carbon pollution and consumers are demanding cars that produce less of it. We need more bold action and ideas that will protect our health and environment and expand jobs related to clean energy, including jobs in the auto industry.”

As director of the White House office of climate change and energy policy, Carol Browner had a key role in creating the historic 2009 clean cars standard that improved fuel economy and cut pollution and was supported by industry, environmentalists and public health officials.