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Climate Power and LCV Release New Ad Campaign Blasting MAGA House GOP for Default Proposal That Will Kill American Clean Energy Jobs

Extreme Job Killing Proposal Stands to Harm American Communities, Primarily in Red Districts
Apr 26, 2023

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, Climate Power and League of Conservation Voters (LCV) announced a new national ad campaign blasting MAGA House Republicans for pushing to pass their extreme default proposal that would undo President Biden’s clean energy plan, and kill American clean energy jobs. The national ad, titled “Demand,” is part of a seven-figure buy.

The first spot criticizes House Republicans for risking global economic catastrophe to repeal the Inflation Reduction Act’s clean energy incentives that have helped turbocharge America’s clean energy economic boon, including in their own districts. This will be followed by additional ads holding members of Congress accountable who vote for this legislation that would eliminate clean energy jobs in their districts.

“It’s unfathomable that House Republicans are willing to implode our economy to stop our Made in America clean energy job growth from happening—especially given that most of this job creation is happening in their districts,” said Lori Lodes, Climate Power Executive Director. “MAGA Republicans in Congress have proven time and time again that they would rather serve pro-polluter interests that kill clean energy jobs than fight for the health and well-being of their communities. We must hold them accountable for their extreme, unpopular, job-killing agenda.”

“Constituents deserve to know when their Representatives are risking tanking the economy or taking away economic opportunities in their district—especially when it’s in service of deeply unpopular policies that only benefit Big Oil executives,” said Pete Maysmith, SVP for Campaigns at League of Conservation Voters. “We will be working to make sure that people know who is fighting against clean energy jobs in their home town, and why their Representative sided with MAGA extremists instead of doing what’s right for their own district.”



The MAGA Republicans in Congress are threatening to throw America into default, crashing our economy.

Their latest radical demand?

They want to repeal investments in affordable clean energy and manufacturing that are already creating hundreds of thousands of jobs across America.

Their reckless demands will kill countless American jobs… even jobs in their own hometowns…

Because for MAGA extremists, it’s never about your jobs or our economy.

It’s always about pushing their extreme agenda

Red districts and states stand to benefit the most from President Biden’s clean energy plan. According to Climate Power’s Clean Energy Boom in Republican Districts Report, 107 clean energy projects in GOP districts have been announced or furthered since the passage of Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act. These projects in 72 Republican districts will create 77,261 jobs and generate more than $198 billion in investments.