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LCV and Chispa Statements on Extreme Heat Protections for Workers and Communities

Jul 2, 2024

Washington, D.C.: In response to President Biden’s announcement of extreme heat measures and the Department of Labor’s Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) announcement of the proposed heat rule, the League of Conservation Voters and Chispa released the following statements:

“President Biden’s extreme heat measures announced today are a critical step to help workers and communities and are an essential part of responding to the threats posed by the climate crisis. Over the past month people across the country have been experiencing record high temperatures that are a detriment to the health and safety of our families and communities. Heat is the leading cause of death among weather-related events in the United States and we must take action as temperatures continue to surge,” said Sara Chieffo, Vice President of Government Affairs at League of Conservation Voters. “The current extreme heat waves are not natural– they are a result of Big Polluters’ blatant disregard for the very real impacts excessive carbon and toxic pollution has on our climate and health. MAGA Republicans have time and time again sided with Big Polluters and actively attempted to reverse the climate progress made by the Biden Administration, despite knowing the real threats excessive pollution has on our communities, families, and climate. We applaud the Biden Administration and the Department of Labor for taking this crucial step forward in protecting the health of our communities by calling for protections for workers in both outdoor and indoor workplaces, requiring employers to create a heat injury and illness prevention plan and calling for employers to take additional safety measures when the heat index reaches a trigger point.”


“Many of our Latine and communities of color across the nation are experiencing deadly heat waves that get worse and last longer every year, and lead to deaths. For example, our communities in Arizona are dealing with 120-degree heat, and in Nevada families are experiencing heat domes and lack of green space, plus unaffordable utility costs to be able to stay safe. None of this weather, or these conditions, are natural,” said Chispa Senior Director Estefany Carrasco-González. “Today’s extreme heat protections are critical to life itself for all workers, including Latine workers who help build our nation yet are often exposed to extreme outdoor conditions with little protections. While we will continue to work toward immediate and long term relief from extreme heat for all communities in their homes and in their neighborhoods – such as transitioning to clean energy and greening our streets – our workplaces should also be safe and not expose anyone to death, and today moves us a step closer toward that goal.”