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LCV Announces Five-Figure Ad Buy Celebrating Members of Congress who are Fighting for Climate-Smart Agriculture Investments

Oct 5, 2023

Washington, D.C. — Today, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) announced a five-figure digital ad buy totaling $56,000 to celebrate members of Congress who are working to protect the Inflation Reduction Act’s climate-smart agriculture investments. These ads will run until the end of October in-district and across Washington, DC on programmatic platforms including: connected TVs and streaming devices, and thousands of websites visited daily.

The ads will run in the following districts:

  • CT-05 (Rep. Jahana Hayes)
  • FL-09 (Rep. Darren Soto)
  • IL-01 (Rep. Jonathan Jackson)
  • IL-17 (Rep. Eric Sorensen)
  • MA-02 (Rep. Jim McGovern)
  • ME-01 (Rep. Chellie Pingree)
  • TX-35 (Rep. Greg Casar)

“Farmers across the country deeply understand and experience the impacts of extreme weather and pollution on our communities, and can be a critical part of innovative solutions to tackle the climate crisis through climate-smart agriculture practices,” said Deputy Legislative Director Madeleine Foote. “The bold investments in climate-smart agriculture included in the Inflation Reduction Act are critical to increase resiliency and help protect our farmers, food supply, and communities. These members of Congress know that investments in the USDA’s conservation programs will benefit not only our farming and rural communities, but also our economy, our environment, and every community across the country experiencing impacts from the climate crisis.”

WATCH: Thank you, Rep. Hayes

Extreme weather is already harming America’s family farmers.
And climate change will make it even worse.

Rep. Jahana Hayes has worked tirelessly to protect family farmers and ensure a safe and reliable food supply. 

Thank you, Rep. Hayes for helping family farmers and investing in climate smart agriculture.

WATCH: Thank you, Rep. Casar

Extreme weather is already harming America’s family farmers.
And climate change will make it even worse.

Rep. Greg Casar is standing up for farmers to ensure a safe and reliable food supply.

Thank you, Rep. Casar for helping farmers and supporting climate smart agriculture.

Last month, LCV announced a six-figure ad buy to highlight how farmers across the country benefit from conservation funding and urge members of Congress to pass a farm bill that maintains the $20 billion in climate-smart investments from the Inflation Reduction Act as Republicans are aiming to cut funding in ongoing negotiations.