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LCV Launches $400K Ad Campaign Encouraging NC to Vote by Mail

Sep 2, 2020

Contact: Emily Samsel,, 828-713-9647

Raleigh, NC — The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) today launched a new $400,000 ad campaign to encourage North Carolina voters who historically face barriers to the ballot box, or who have never voted by mail before, to request a vote by mail ballot. The ad emphasizes how easy it is to request a mail ballot and will run on digital platforms.

WATCH: “Signed, sealed, delivered”

“More people than ever before will vote by mail this year due to the coronavirus pandemic — we’re launching this ad campaign to make the process as safe and easy as possible for historically underrepresented communities, especially voters of color and young voters,” said Matt Davis, LCV Vice President of Civic Engagement. “There’s no blueprint on how to mobilize voters to turnout during a global pandemic, but research shows that when people need to switch vote methods, education is critical to prevent suppressive impacts.”

The new ad campaign is part of LCV’s $6.5 million effort to encourage close to 750,000 voters across the country to request ballots ahead of the November election. In addition to educational ads, program organizers are sharing basic information about how to request an absentee ballot with voters over the phone, asking the voters to commit to vote by mail or in person, and following up with all committed voters with a text message.

As of September 1, LCV vote by mail program organizers have made over 8.2 million calls to voters, made over 225,000 total contacts and 160,000 voters have committed to vote by mail or in person in November. Organizers are on track to make nine million calls to voters before Labor Day.

The script of the new ad is below.

“Signed, sealed, delivered”
It’s easy to vote with a mail-in ballot
Just make your selections, then
Sign it
Seal it
And deliver it
Three easy steps
You don’t need a reason to vote by mail
You just need to be a registered voter
Request your ballot today

# # #