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LCV Launches New Ads Highlighting Speaker Mike Johnson’s Climate Denialism, Big Oil Agenda 

Nov 9, 2023

Washington D.C. — As House Republicans are again steering the country toward another government shutdown and passing some of the most extreme cuts to environmental protections in our nation’s history, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV), today launched a new six-figure ad campaign in Washington, DC highlighting new House Speaker Mike Johnson’s connections to Big Oil and his record of climate denial. 

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“Speaker Johnson’s role as an architect of election denial in 2020 is perhaps better known, but his willingness to deny climate science and do Big Oil’s bidding at the cost of clean energy jobs, lower prices, and climate action are no less dire,” said Pete Maysmith, Senior Vice President for Campaigns at League of Conservation Voters. “The public needs to know that MAGA Mike Johnson and all the extreme House Republicans following his lead are refusing to hold Big Oil accountable and are instead prioritizing holding back clean energy progress and the good jobs and lower costs that come with it.”

From H.R. 1 onward, MAGA Republicans have been trying to roll back popular programs that are already supercharging the economy with a clean energy boom in favor of more handouts for Big Oil. During the debt limit fight, extremists brought the country to the brink of crisis with demands for more severe cuts to popular and effective programs. Under Speaker Johnson, there are already signs that the House Republicans are only getting more extreme, starting with draconian cuts to environmental protections in the Energy and Water Appropriations bill only hours after Johnson became Speaker. 

According to analysis from LCV, Climate Power and CAC, House Republicans have already attempted to repeal the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) partly or in its entirety at least 31 times, including in many of the spending bills moving through Congress right now including the Interior appropriations bill. Speaker Johnson is quickly discovering the limits of pursuing an extremist MAGA spending strategy, as the deep unpopularity of spending cuts to vital services like Amtrak sink the Transportation and Financial Services appropriations bills. House Republicans should come to the table and reach a bipartisan agreement to stop the madness and prevent a government shutdown.


Our climate in crisis.
Our government set to shut down in days.
And the first thing MAGA Mike Johnson does as Speaker?
Push through a bill cutting America’s affordable clean energy program.
Because Mike Johnson isn’t just an election denier.
He’s a climate change denier –
a “Big Oil” man, with a 100% voting score from the fossil fuel industry…
…and an agenda to stop America’s clean energy leadership and the good-paying jobs it brings.
Send MAGA Mike a message: we can’t go back on climate. 

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