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LCV Statement: Bipartisanship on Senate Minibus Highlights Just How Extreme House Republicans’ Spending Cuts Are

Nov 1, 2023

Washington D.C.- In response to today’s strong bipartisan Senate floor vote on the FY24 minibus, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) issued the following statement from Senior Government Affairs Advocate David Shadburn

“The Senate’s bipartisan passage of this minibus stands in stark contrast to the unreasonable extreme House Republicans who are continuing to push harmful bills that put polluters over people. Even after the hottest summer on record, extreme weather, and climate-related disasters across the country, MAGA House Republicans are doing everything they can to roll back funding for the historic progress on climate from the Inflation Reduction Act and the many programs that will help protect communities, all while forcing through racist and anti-LGBTQ+ policy riders and giveaways to their Big Polluter allies instead of taking their responsibility to govern seriously. House Republicans must stop their extremist, unpopular efforts to pass spending bills with draconian, anti-environment spending cuts, and work with the Senate to avoid a harmful and completely avoidable government shutdown.”