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LCV Statement on House passage of anti-ESG CRA; pro-polluter committee activity

Feb 28, 2023

Washington, D.C. – In response to this week’s litany of Republican-led House activity attempting to undermine our environmental and public health safeguards and increase the country’s reliance on dirty fossil fuels, including the just-passed Congressional Review Act resolution that puts retirement savings at greater risk, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) issued the following statement from Federal Advocacy Campaigns Director Leah Donahey:

“Republicans prop up big polluters at their own peril. Rather than delivering for their constituents who deserve clean water, a healthy future, and the freedom to decide where to invest their hard-earned retirement savings, this anti-environment House majority is captive to their Big Oil donors and MAGA extremists. House Republicans are completely out of touch with the vast majority of voters who support affordable clean energy and want stronger public health safeguards for their families. 

“If any of the pro-polluter legislation that came up in the House T&I, Natural Resources, and E&C Committees today were to be signed into law, it would exacerbate the climate crisis, perpetuate environmental racism, jeopardize our clean water, and undermine U.S. economic and national security by prolonging reliance on dirty, dangerous, and volatile fossil fuels. It is also disgraceful that Republicans are using their slim majority to try to take away retirees’ freedom to invest their life savings where they choose, and to consider all types of financial risks, including climate risks. We appreciate the Biden-Harris administration’s strong Statement of Administration Policy pledge to veto the anti-ESG resolution and expect the Senate to protect people’s retirement savings and reject the dangerous Congressional Review Act resolution first.

“On the heels of today’s release of our 2022 National Environmental Scorecard, the contrast of this extreme pro-polluter House activity with the historically productive second session of the 117th Congress that delivered the popular affordable clean energy plan could not be starker.”

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