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LCV Statement on House’s Extreme Attack on Clean Water

Sep 9, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC — League of Conservation Voters (LCV) President Gene Karpinski released this statement on the so-called “Waters of the United States Regulatory Overreach Protection Act,” a dirty water bill that halts the Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers’ draft rule to clarify the jurisdiction of the Clean Water Act and essentially prevents any future proposals to protect our small streams and wetlands:  

“Republican leaders in the House are demonstrating once again that they stand with polluters and not the American public, who overwhelmingly support efforts to safeguard our waters. The Clean Water rule is vital to preserving drinking water for more than 100 million Americans, supporting businesses and recreation in our communities, and protecting critical wildlife habitats. It’s hard to deny the importance of the Clean Water Act, but polluters and their allies in the House continue to try and dismantle it with yet another extreme attack on one of our most fundamental environmental laws.”