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LCV Statement on Meeting Climate Goals through the Build Back Better Act

Oct 18, 2021

Contact: Emily Samsel,, 828-713-9647

Washington, D.C. — Following reports about the fate of climate provisions in the Build Back Better Act, and as both the Senate and House return to D.C. this week, and ahead of COP 26, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) issued the following statement from SVP of Government Affairs Tiernan Sittenfeld:

“As Congress returns to D.C., it’s absolutely urgent that they finalize and pass the Build Back Better Act to put the U.S. firmly on track to meet the Climate Test and cut our climate pollution in half by 2030, the goal that President Biden set and that science and justice demand. We remain fully supportive of the Clean Electricity Performance Plan, but under any scenario there are multiple ways for Congress to maximize climate ambition and meet our goals. As our country has been rocked by unprecedented climate-fueled extreme weather events costing precious lives and billions of dollars in the last few months alone, anything less is unacceptable. The vast majority of voters across the country are demanding transformative action on climate, and with international climate negotiations in Glasgow fast approaching, the entire world is watching. The time for Congress to make transformational progress on climate, good jobs, and justice is right now.”

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