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LCV Statement on President Biden’s Economic Address

Jun 28, 2023

Washington, DC: In response to President Biden’s major address on “Bidenomics,” the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) issued the following statement from Vice President of Federal Policy, Matthew Davis

“It’s clear that ‘Bidenomics’ means clean energy jobs, lower costs, and action on climate. The Biden-Harris administration’s affordable clean energy plan is a major piece of today’s economic recovery and tomorrow’s clean energy future – which is generating hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs, protecting our environment, and building a stronger economy for all.

“The worst-in-the-world air quality caused by climate change-fueled wildfires that surrounds the building where President Biden is speaking today is a stark reminder that we are indeed in a climate crisis and there is still so much more to do. But while the Biden-Harris administration is getting things done–working on strong environmental safeguards, including for air quality, power plants, and vehicles, ensuring that we prioritize environmental justice and energy communities, and traveling the country to ensure people know about the benefits of their affordable clean energy plan, extreme MAGA Republican governors are attacking this progress (even while taking credit for it) and extreme MAGA Republicans in Congress are using every tool they have to try to roll back clean energy incentives in favor of more tax breaks for Big Oil and billionaires

As the fossil fuel industry continues to bring in record profits and drive misinformation about the economic, environmental and health impacts of the climate crisis, we will continue to fight back and hold extreme MAGA Republicans accountable for doing Big Oil’s bidding instead of protecting people and communities across our country.”