Press Releases

LCV Statement on the Anniversary of the Clean Power Plan

Aug 3, 2016

WASHINGTON, DC –LCV President Gene Karpinski issued the following statement about the anniversary of the Clean Power Plan:


“A year ago today, President Obama took the single biggest step in our nation’s history to combat climate change when he finalized the EPA’s landmark Clean Power Plan. The Clean Power Plan sets the first national carbon pollution limits for power plants. This commonsense and widely-supported step is good for our health, good for our environment and good for our economy.” 

“Some states are doing the bidding of corporate polluters by attempting to undermine climate progress every step of the way, placing their state at risk of losing out on the clean energy economy. In contrast, other states are working with a diverse set of stakeholders to craft ambitious plans, because they know that climate solutions will reduce pollution that threatens our health, protect the air and water we all depend upon, and create good paying jobs in the clean energy and energy efficiency sectors. Our future will be powered by clean energy and we commend those states who have been moving forward to tackle climate change head on and implement the Clean Power Plan.”