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LCV Statement on Paris Climate Agreement Meeting at White House Reportedly Happening Next Week

Apr 14, 2017

David Willett, 202-454-4598,

Washington, DC – In response to reports in Politico that senior Trump administration advisors will meet next week to discuss the fate of the United States commitments to the Paris Agreement, LCV Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Tiernan Sittenfeld issued the following statement:

“In just three months in office, Donald Trump has already unleashed a breathtaking assault on our climate progress. Pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement or renouncing our commitments to reduce carbon emissions would take us even further in the wrong direction, putting global health at risk and jeopardizing our country’s standing in the world. The people of this country strongly support climate action and oppose rolling back protections for our air, water, and lands, and we will continue to go to the mat to defend them.”