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LCV Statement in Response to Donald Trump’s Dirty Energy Week Speech

Jun 29, 2017

Ariana Valderrama, 202-454-4554,

WASHINGTON, DC-In response to President Trump’s “Energy Week” speech, the League of Conservation Voters’ SVP for Government Affairs, Tiernan Sittenfeld, released the following statement:

“Is there anyone Donald Trump hasn’t managed to offend today? This speech marked an appalling conclusion to a dirty energy week. If President Trump wanted the United States to be truly ‘energy dominant,’ he’d invest in clean energy innovation instead of slashing renewable energy research. He’d have us lead on climate change, instead of retreating from leadership on the world stage by withdrawing the Paris climate agreement. But voters are paying close attention, and it’s no wonder only a quarter of people support his radical anti-environmental policies. They know he has no interest in creating clean energy jobs, investing in energy efficient solutions, or tackling climate change. Without a doubt Trump’s  dirty energy week was a failure, with only vague policies that would benefit corporate polluters, while putting our natural heritage, our families’ health and our economic well being at risk.”