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LCV’s 2018 National Environmental Scorecard Closes the Door on the Most Anti-Environmental Congress in History

Feb 27, 2019

Holly Burke, 202-454-4554, and Pita Juarez, 602-413-4421,

Washington D.C.- Today the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) released its 2018 National Environmental Scorecard, marking the final year of the most anti-environmental U.S. House of Representatives in our nation’s history. The Scorecard is the primary yardstick for evaluating the environmental records of members of Congress and is available for download here, in Spanish here, and online at LCV also used the occasion to highlight the ways many new members of Congress who replaced low-scoring incumbents are poised to help lead the way on environmental progress and accountability. A recording of the press teleconference can be downloaded here.

The 2018 National Environmental Scorecard reveals that, once again, the extreme pro-polluter Republican leadership drove their caucuses to an abysmal average score of eight percent in both chambers of Congress. In stark contrast, Senate Democrats and the Independents who caucus with them earned an average score of 95 percent, and House Democrats earned an average score of 90 percent.

“After eight years of the most anti-environmental U.S. House ever and two years of relentless attacks on the environment from the Trump administration, the tectonic shift to a pro-environment majority in the people’s House comes not a moment too soon. We could not be more excited to work with the new pro-environment House majority to protect our air, water, lands, and wildlife, combat the climate crisis, and hold the Trump administration accountable,” said LCV Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Tiernan Sittenfeld.

The 2018 Scorecard includes 35 House votes that span the chamber’s assaults on clean air and water, lands and wildlife protections, investments in clean energy and so much more. In the Senate, the majority of the 14 votes scored are confirmation votes on Trump’s anti-environmental nominees.

“One of the most damaging legacies of Trump’s presidency and Senator McConnell’s time as Senate Majority Leader is reshaping the federal judiciary with lifetime appointments for extreme and partisan judges for lifetime appointments,” said LCV Vice President of Government Affairs Sara Chieffo. “Despite the confirmation of these judicial nominees as well other nominees to senior positions in the Trump administration, there were a few instances of Senate-led bipartisan cooperation, such as the pro-conservation Farm Bill and a Water Resources Development Act that takes important steps forward on water infrastructure.”

“Across both chambers, we scored several votes seeking to build Trump’s racist and anti-environmental wall along our southern border and promoting other harmful anti-immigrant policies,” said Fernando Cazares, National Director of LCV’s Chispa. “The only real emergency is the manufactured crisis Trump created for political reasons which is endangering families attempting to seek asylum escaping violence and a chance for a better life, and we will continue to hold Trump and his allies in Congress accountable.”

Today, Senator Jacky Rosen and Reps. Elaine Luria and Joe Neguse  joined LCV to release the Scorecard, denounce the Trump administration’s repeated attacks on our bedrock environmental laws, and discuss opportunities for environmental progress in the 116th Congress.

“Nevadans sent me to the Senate because they knew they could count on me to fight for our communities,” said Senator Jacky Rosen. “I am proud of my record as an advocate for Nevada’s clean energy future and treasured public lands and will continue to champion our conservation legacy.”

“Americans deserve to know whether Congress is fighting for them or special-interest threats to our environment,” Congresswoman Elaine Luria said. “I am committed to protecting Coastal Virginians from problems like sea level rise, offshore drilling, and pollution.”

“I am excited to get to work as part of the new pro-environment House majority, which better reflects our country’s diversity than ever before and is making climate a top priority,” said Representative Joe Neguse. “As a member of the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, I’m eager to make progress on a transition to a 100 percent clean energy future for all communities, and I’m looking forward to touting my own high score next year on the 2019 Scorecard.”

Since 1970, the National Environmental Scorecard has been the yardstick for evaluating the environmental records of members of Congress. The Scorecard represents the consensus of experts from about 20 respected environmental and conservation organizations who selected the key votes on which members of Congress should be scored. LCV scores votes on the most important issues of the year, including energy, climate change, public health, public lands and wildlife conservation, and spending for environmental programs. The votes included in the Scorecard presented members of Congress with a real choice and help distinguish which legislators are working for environmental protection. More information on individual votes and the Scorecard archive can be found at