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LCV’s Ohio Program Statement on the Anticipated Committee Recommendation on Clean Energy Standards

Sep 28, 2015

OHIO — The state legislative committee charged with studying Ohio’s clean energy standards is expected to make its recommendation on whether to end Ohio’s freeze on those standards this coming week. In anticipation of the announcement, Beth Nagusky, LCV Ohio Policy Director, issued the following statement:

“Reinstating Ohio’s clean energy standards is good for our state – these standards will grow our economy, protect the environment and public health, and are instrumental in the fight against climate change. Ohioans overwhelmingly support clean energy and are closely watching the state Legislature in hopes that they will reinstate these critical standards, which will once again make us a leader in clean energy. We are calling on the committee to do what’s best for Ohioans and restore these critical standards that protect the air we breathe, create jobs right here at home, reduce our reliance on dirty fossil fuels and preserve our environment for future generations.”