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MEMO: Expected GOP Infrastructure Proposal is a Road to Nowhere

May 18, 2021

Courtnee Connon, 727-744-4163,

To: Interested Parties
From: Pete Maysmith, SVP of Campaigns, LCV
Date: May 18, 2021
Re: Expected GOP Infrastructure Proposal is a Road to Nowhere

Ahead of the release of details of the GOP’s infrastructure plan, here’s a quick reminder of Congressional Republicans’ real motive: a do-nothing proposal that protects the profits of big corporate polluters. And unfortunately, that comes at the expense of taxpayers.

Let’s be clear, the first proposal from Senate Republicans was a road to nowhere and we expect this proposal will be more of the same. An infrastructure plan that doesn’t include clean energy, climate, or environmental justice will be dead on arrival. And don’t be fooled — the GOP proposal was far smaller than it appeared due to a disingenuous counting of funding that is already planned, so-called “baseline” funding (h/t Washington Post fact check). Voters expect more from their elected officials.

As recently released modeled data from LCV and Data for Progress reiterated, voters in every single state and congressional district — deep red to blue — overwhelmingly support the full American Jobs Plan, including investing $2.3 trillion to create good-paying jobs in the clean energy economy while tackling climate change and environmental racism. However, Republicans in Congress are more interested in fighting for Trump-era taxpayer giveaways to billionaires and corporations.

Remember when Exxon Mobil more than quadrupled their fourth-quarter profit thanks to President Trump’s tax cuts? And when Chevron paid “little to no federal taxes” following the 2017 GOP tax cuts? Or when the Koch brothers were reportedly able to make $1 billion extra each year thanks to the GOP?

We recently highlighted the LCV scores earned by Congressional Republicans who have also accepted sizable fossil fuel contributions. It is shameful for Republicans in Congress to continue to prioritize the special interests of corporate polluter CEOs and fail to provide the investments required to propel our nation forward.

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