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New ads in Maine, Nevada, and New Mexico: clean energy is our solution to inflation and high gas prices

May 24, 2022

Nick Abraham,, 206-833-7021

Augusta, ME; Carson City, NV; Santa Fe, NM  Today, Maine Conservation Voters (MCV), Nevada Conservation League (NCL), and Conservation Voters New Mexico (CVNM) launched new digital ads supporting their state’s efforts to drive a new clean energy economy.

The ads come at the same time oil and gas companies, supported by their allies in state legislatures and Congress, are taking advantage of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine to line their own pockets, making massive profits, while people across the country shoulder the cost. Recent polluter backed ads have run in all three states based on widely debunked claims. 


Maine’s Conservation Leaders are Fighting for Our Clean Energy Future

See How State Leaders are Fighting for Us (Nevada)

Tell New Mexico’s Leaders to Fight for Us

“Conservation leaders in Maine’s Legislature understand that the only lasting solution to high, unreliable energy costs is reducing our dependence on foreign oil and investing in clean, renewable energy,” said Rani Sheaffer, Deputy Director of Maine Conservation Voters.

“Transitioning our state off of fossil fuels like oil, coal, and natural gas and investing in renewable energy like solar, wind, and geothermal will diversify Nevada’s economy while creating the next generation of jobs, promote energy independence, and finally fight the effects of climate change,” said Paul Selberg, Executive Director of Nevada Conservation League.

“The catastrophic wildfires our communities and landscapes are experiencing are a result of climate change, whose leading cause is oil and gas production and use,” said Demis Foster, Executive Director of Conservation Voters New Mexico. “As the second largest domestic oil and gas producer, New Mexico needs to lead the way in developing the framework for the transition to an equitable renewable energy economy that supports workers and communities, and provides a path forward to a diverse and thriving economy.”

Last week, the US House passed legislation to crack down on oil industry price gouging to give consumers immediate relief at the pump and help reduce future costs. The bill now moves to the Senate. Every House Republican voted against reducing costs for consumers. 

Maine, Nevada, and New Mexico’s legislatures have all committed to 100% clean electricity. In recent weeks, multiple state legislatures and governors have enacted plans to increase investments in electric vehicle infrastructure and transit electrification. Clean energy opponents are ramping up efforts to slow progress and undercut state legislators who champion climate action.

Example ad script:

Putin’s Ukraine invasion

Skyrocketing inflation

We pay higher prices while oil and gas companies rake in profits. 

Conservation leaders in Maine are taking action, accelerating 100% clean energy production and creating jobs.

Tell Maine lawmakers to keep fighting for our clean energy future.


Maine Conservation Voters (MCV) protects Maine’s environment and our democracy by influencing public policy, holding politicians accountable, and winning elections.

The Nevada Conservation League (NCL) is the independent political voice of Nevada’s conservation community.

Conservation Voters New Mexico (CVNM) is connecting the people of New Mexico to their political power to protect our air, land and water for a healthy Land of Enchantment.