New Michigan LCV Electric Vehicle (EV) Poll

Dec 20, 2023

Impact Research conducted a multi-modal poll of people in Michigan about electric vehicles in the state. Key findings include:

  • People want to invest in making EVs in Michigan, even if they personally don’t see a huge benefit in driving an EV or having more on the road. They understand the auto industry is going that way and want to beat Michigan’s competitors to the punch.
  • People get that the UAW strike was about better pay, not EVs. The UAW came out of this strike popular, and people understood why they were striking.
  • People think that if we don’t play in the EV game, China wins. They’re more concerned we let China win by ceding the industry to them than they are that we let China win by building EVs in Michigan.
  • As long as we are standing with the auto industry and not against their past record, people are on our side. They want to see Ford, GM, and Stellantis win, and they know that means making EVs here.
  • People get that good-paying jobs and autos are intrinsically tied together in Michigan. They respond to messaging around keeping and growing the good auto jobs that pay enough to raise a family in Michigan.


New Michigan EV Poll