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States across the country weigh in on American Jobs Plan

Apr 1, 2021

Nick Abraham,, 206-833-7021

Following President Biden’s rollout of the American Jobs Plan, state environmental organizations from every corner of the country released statements calling out the need for massive investment in clean air and water infrastructure, good paying clean energy jobs, and focus on low income and communities of color hardest hit by pollution and climate change.


“Our state has been in a recession for years, exacerbated by budget cuts, a commitment to outdated economic ideas and drops in oil prices. It is far past time that we look to the future for our recovery and show the leadership potential our state has. Clean energy is among the fastest growing industries in the country and the focus on accessibility can give Alaskans the chance to learn new job skills and bring in new technologies that not only bolster our local economies but help our state be an example of climate innovation and racial justice working in symbiosis.”– Louie Flora, Government Affairs Director Alaska Center


“Economic recovery and climate action are deeply tied to public health and racial justice. We have a unique opportunity and need for visionary leadership that integrates solutions on each of these fronts. This requires California’s federal delegation to lead on transitioning to zero-carbon shipping, upgrading ports to reduce toxic air pollution, expanding transit, decarbonizing buildings, and scaling up offshore wind production. As our nation addresses the ongoing devastating impacts of the climate crisis, investments in our infrastructure, coastal restoration, and resilience are essential for preparing our families and communities for what’s happening. Clean energy jobs are not only instrumental for boosting our economy, but for protecting our future.” – Mary Creasman, Chief Executive Officer California League of Conservation Voters


“This year alone Coloradans have experienced catastrophic wildfires, severe drought, and a global pandemic. The only way to recover and build back better is by making infrastructure investments that help us meet climate targets, create good-paying clean energy jobs, and address ongoing environmental racism – and President Biden plans to deliver. We applaud his ambitious and achievable vision, and we look forward to working with Colorado’s congressional delegation to pass a major infrastructure bill that builds Colorado back better with justice and equity.” – Jessica Goad, Deputy Director Conservation Colorado


“More voters than ever understand the investments this moment demands — members of Congress who support a plan that centers clean energy, justice and jobs will find themselves with the political winds at their backs.” – Lori Brown, Executive Director CT League of Conservation Voters


“Municipalities and local communities throughout Florida have been leading the way for years on climate action, and now they don’t have to go it alone. It is refreshing to finally have a partner rather than a roadblock in Washington, D.C. We may not get another chance to take real federal climate action, so the time is now for Florida’s Congressional delegation to act and support this plan. We are also excited to see that the plan fully embraces nature-based solutions like protecting Florida’s remaining wetlands, including the Everglades. Like so many of us who call Florida home, the President clearly understands that restoring and conserving natural areas is essential to helping our communities avoid and recover from sea-level rise, intensifying storms, and other climate crisis impacts. ” – Aliki Moncrief, Executive Director Florida Conservation Voters

“With this plan, the federal government commits to Black and Brown communities who have been ignored for too long. In our schools, we can look forward to cleaner electric fleets for all students. On our roads, we’ll see investments, innovation, and improved infrastructure, including public transportation and school bus fleets. All of these improvements will come with well-paying jobs. The plan targets workforce development in underserved communities to make sure that the new clean jobs are open and accessible to women and communities of color. These are sustainable solutions that will provide those hit the hardest by the economic downturn with opportunities to thrive. Our children are relying on lawmakers to pass the American Job Plan because their future depends on it. President Biden acknowledges that environmental justice is intersectional and his plans for our schools, jobs, and transportation will center frontline communities and communities of color.” – Maria Revelles, Program Director Chispa Florida


“With one of the cleanest grids in the United States, Idaho is already well on its way to achieving these clean energy goals. In just the last few years, Idaho’s two largest utilities set clean energy commitments, and several Idaho towns and counties have committed to 100% clean energy.

We are also encouraged to see the plan’s investments to improve infrastructure resilience and protect communities from increasingly severe wildfires and other climate risks. These investments will be essential to protecting Idaho communities from the severe impacts of wildfires.” – Rialin Flores, Executive Director  Conservation Voters for Idaho


“We don’t have to choose between a thriving economy and a healthy environment. We can have both if we rebuild now with smart investments that supercharge job creation and infrastructure projects while protecting people from dangerous pollution. Ultimately, any recovery or rebuild package should move the country toward achieving a 100% clean economy by 2050 with strong interim targets that tackle the climate crisis and make our communities stronger and more equitable.” – Kathleen Meil Director of Policy & Partnerships Maine Conservation Voters

“It’s now time to turn our attention to building a better, more prosperous, and safer future for our country with major investments to create new jobs by addressing the climate crisis, electrifying transportation, cutting dangerous carbon pollution, and building back better than before.” – Emmie Theberge, Federal Director Natural Resource Council of Maine


“The Build Back Better plan is exactly what Maryland needs to aggressively address challenges to our infrastructure, our climate, and our communities. Our recent polling shows that Marylanders strongly support policies to improve transportation infrastructure and address climate change in the state. It is important that we recognize that Maryland is already paying a high price for its aging infrastructure, associated pollution, and climate change. Our communities of color are disproportionately burdened by pollution and a lack of investment. If we fail to act, the price to address these challenges will only get higher. President Biden’s plan, coupled with key legislation now making its way through the Maryland General Assembly, will help our communities be healthy and thrive and make needed investments in transportation and clean energy infrastructure in Maryland.” – Kim Coble, Executive Director Maryland League of Conservation Voters


“We applaud the American Jobs Plan and its focus on clean energy, environmental justice, and jobs. For years, states like Massachusetts have led the way on climate action.  Now, we don’t have to go it alone. The moment has come for meaningful federal climate action.  We stand ready to support our Massachusetts Congressional delegation to pass this recovery package.” – Elizabeth Henry, President Environmental League of Massachusetts


“President Biden’s Build Back Better plan represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to rebuild our infrastructure, cleaning up our water and taking action on climate change. Our Michigan Congressional leaders will play a critical role in passing this exciting plan to put Michiganders to work in dramatic fashion — tearing up and replacing old roads and bridges, getting rid of lead water pipes and aging sewers, weatherizing homes and neighborhoods, and making Michigan the epicenter of electric vehicle manufacturing.”  – Lisa Wozniak, executive director Michigan League of Conservation Voters

New York

“The American Jobs Plan shows that President Biden is prioritizing the types of programs we need to avert a climate crisis. Investing in zero-emission transportation, clean water, and green buildings will protect our environment while also creating good-paying clean energy jobs. Our climate recovery goes hand-in-glove with our economic recovery. Now, we will work with stakeholders to ensure that these investments prioritize communities which are overburdened by the effects of climate change. Thank you to President Biden for your bold leadership.” – Julie Tighe, President  New York League of Conservation Voters

North Carolina

“North Carolinians love traveling the Good Roads State from the Outer Banks to the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the Biden Build Back Better plan will make it easier for us to explore our beautiful state in electric cars we can charge easily. With the second-highest installed solar capacity in the country, the clean energy industry is already one of the fastest-growing industries in North Carolina, and this plan will supercharge it, making its jobs and products accessible to more people. This is about building a long-term, sustainable climate and economy, and a healthy quality of life, particularly for low-wealth communities and North Carolinians of color, who are most hurt by pollution and the intersecting COVID, economic, and climate crises. We call on Senators Burr and Tillis and our entire congressional delegation to pass this plan as quickly as possible.” – Dan Crawford, Director of Governor Relations North Carolina Conservation Voters


“Through this investment, we will have the resources and the political will to begin addressing the crisis of climate change and unsafe drinking water, along with lack of investment in communities of color in our state. WCV is ready to help pass this package to help the over 80 communities around the state with elevated lead levels in their water to remove lead pipes so that we have clean drinking water, and invest in communities that are making clean energy commitments, such as Green Bay, Menomonie, and Milwaukee. And most importantly, prioritizing this investment in communities most harmed by toxic pollution by ensuring nationwide that at least 40 percent of the benefits go to the communities that need it most. We call on the Wisconsin Congressional delegation to get this critical investment package passed. Wisconsinites can’t wait any longer.” – Jennifer Giegerich, Government Affairs Director Wisconsin Conservation Voters