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VA10 Poll: EPA, Clean Energy Cuts As Unpopular As Healthcare Bill

Aug 4, 2017

Alyssa Roberts, 202-454-4573,

Washington, D.C. – New polling shows that the Trump administration’s proposed funding cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency and to developing clean energy technologies are just as unpopular as the disastrous Republican healthcare bill in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. Additionally, constituents overwhelming want Rep. Barbara Comstock to hold an in-person town hall this recess.

A full breakdown of the poll results can be found here. Some highlights:

  • An overwhelming majority of constituents (59%) oppose Trump’s proposed cuts to EPA funding, including a near-majority (47%) who strongly oppose the proposed cuts.
  • Funding cuts to programs that develop clean energy technology are especially unpopular, and supported by little more than a third of Republicans in the district.
  • Near-majorities say they would be less favorable to Comstock if she supported either of these proposals.
  • Seven in ten constituents (71%) feel Comstock should hold a public town hall meeting this summer, including 63% of Republicans and 72% of independents who feel she should hold a town hall meeting.

“Virginians want Rep. Comstock to stand up to President Trump as his administration hacks away at crucial protections for our clean air, our water, and our health,” said League of Conservation Voters Deputy Legislative Director Alex Taurel. “But so far, Rep. Comstock has sided with Trump’s dangerous anti-environment agenda, voting for massive cuts to investments in clean energy and hiding from her constituents. Trump’s environmental policies are just as unpopular as the disastrous Republican healthcare bill that she currently opposes, so Rep. Comstock should change course and stop putting profits for polluters ahead of Virginians.”

Comstock voted for H.R. 3219, which cuts funding for programs that develop clean energy technology. The House of Representatives is still debating funding for the EPA.

The poll was conducted for the League of Conservation Voters by Global Strategy Group.