Week in Review: June 7, 2019

Jun 7, 2019

With just weeks until the first debate in the Democratic presidential primary, climate change continues to be a top issue. The Washington Post came out with a new 2020 climate tool “based on candidate statements, voting records and answers to a questionnaire.”  

Here is a recap of new policy proposals and other ways candidates campaigned on climate change over the last two weeks:

Former Vice President Joe Biden (D-DE) released his Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice. The plan commits to ambitious goals, including net zero emissions and a 100% clean energy economy no later than 2050, prioritizing environmental justice for the communities hit first and worst by climate impacts and toxic pollution, and creating good-paying jobs. In addition, Biden pledged not to take contributions from the fossil fuel industry, building on his longtime commitment to a clean energy economy.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) announced her Green Manufacturing Plan, which focuses on developing clean energy technology, enlisting federal purchasing power, and employing diplomatic and economic tools to help other countries use American-made clean tech over fossil fuel projects.

Governor Jay Inslee (D-WA) rolled out a Global Climate Mobilization plan. Inslee’s third climate proposal so far focuses on restoring America’s leadership on climate, supporting impacted and displaced communities, setting strong trade standards, investing in clean energy and eliminating subsidies and funding for fossil fuel projects.  

More top climate moments on the campaign trail:

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