Week in Review: November 22, 2019

Nov 22, 2019

As this week’s debate moderators themselves mentioned, climate change is an issue of significant importance to voters, and we were pleased to see a serious — albeit too short — back and forth between some of the candidates on how they would prioritize the climate crisis as president. 

Ahead of the debate in Atlanta, we released new polling with our friends at Georgia Conservation Voters showing that the majority of Georgia voters (53%) believe environmental and climate issues are important and a large majority of Georgia Democrats (61%) support moving to clean energy, such as solar and wind energy, by 2050. African American voters in Georgia support clean energy and climate action by even wider margins — 83% of African American voters said the environment and climate change are important issues, and 69% support setting a new national clean energy standard. Check out the full poll »

In other climate news, the candidates were in Nevada last weekend for the state Democratic Party’s First In The West Event and several of them used the opportunity to highlight climate and environmental issues.

  • Joe Biden received a climate question from a Nevada voter via a video chat.
  • Pete Buttigieg talked about uniting Americans to fight climate change.
  • Julián Castro visited with the Yerington Paiute community, which is dealing with pollution from nearby mining activity. 
  • Bernie Sanders called out President Trump for saying climate change is a hoax.
  • Tom Steyer reiterated that he’d make climate change his #1 priority as president.

Here are some additional climate highlights from the campaign trail this week:

  • Cory Booker’s birth chart explains why he’s so passionate about climate change, according to Cosmo.
  • John Delaney participated in a climate conversation with EDF Action.
  • Kamala Harris published an op-ed about how the climate crisis is making wildfires worse.
  • Amy Klobuchar released a democracy plan recognizing that climate change-fueled extreme weather disasters can disrupt voting.
  • Elizabeth Warren released a housing plan calling for a new Green Public Housing program that will provide climate smart housing.

As always, visit for additional climate highlights from the Democratic presidential primary.