Build Back Better Advent Calendar

Dec 16, 2021

The Build Back Better Act is our once in a generation opportunity to act on climate at the scale that science and justice demand — and it’s now up to the Senate to finish the job and send the bill to President Biden’s desk.

This advent calendar explores some of the nearly 130 programs in the Build Back Better Act that will invest in you and your family’s future with our country’s greatest investment ever in climate action, clean energy jobs, and environmental justice. Here are 25 benefits of the Build Back Better Act:

December 1
Invests in manufacturing and industrial transformation that will create 1.27 million jobs

December 2
Saves families $500 a year on energy bills

December 3
Protects forests for people to enjoy, supporting a more livable climate

December 4
Protects communities along the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf coasts from oil spills and toxic pollution

December 5
Protects the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, supporting the Gwich’in people’s way of life

December 6
Cultivates urban green spaces to protect children and communities from heat waves

December 7
Creates more than 300,000 good jobs in a new Civilian Climate Corps

December 8
Protects wetlands that shield coastal communities from hurricanes and storms

December 9
Builds 500,000 new electric vehicle charging stations

December 10
Reduces cost of installing solar panels on home rooftops by at least $7,000

December 11
Reduces toxic runoff and cleans up our waterways

December 12
Helps communities transform vacant lots into enhancements like health clinics and community gardens

December 13
Makes converting a home to cleaner, cheaper heating systems more affordable

December 14
Converts 40,000+ school buses to clean, electric power

December 15
Reduces costs of weatherizing a home for working class families

December 16
Cuts costs of electric cars and bikes for working and middle class families

December 17
Supports community-led efforts to remedy environmental injustices

December 18
Helps cut toxic air pollution at ports from trucks, ships, and machinery

December 19
Creates more high-speed trains that will decrease travel times

December 20
Creates cleaner, cheaper, reliable, more accessible public transit for those who need it most

December 21
Makes renewable energy more affordable in Indigenous and low-income communities

December 22
Reduces cost of installing solar panels on home rooftops by at least $7,000

December 23
Brings clean, affordable wind and solar energy to millions of homes each year

December 24
Cleans up toxic pollution and replaces lead pipes in homes and schools across the country

December 25
Updates the electric grid so communities do not face disasterous power outages

* * *

Happy Holidays from the League of Conservation Voters! All we want for Christmas is climate action now.