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Good Climate News

Good Climate News this Week: CA’s Groundbreaking Climate Bill, G20 Leaders Set Clean Energy Goals, and More

Sep 18, 2023

There’s a lot of good news on climate, but it can be harder to find than all of the bad news. Every Monday, we round up five of the best good climate news stories we’re celebrating this week.

1. California legislature passes nation-leading climate risk legislation

Governor Newsome speaking at a podium that reads California Blueprint.
Credit: Office of the Gov of California.

California’s legislature passed a groundbreaking emissions transparency bill that would require major companies operating in the state to measure and publicly disclose greenhouse gas emissions.

As California is the 5th largest economy in the world, this first-of-its-kind legislation will have global impacts on climate.

Worldwide, corporations are responsible for 71% of global emissions and requiring emissions transparency is a major step forward in holding them accountable for their climate impacts.

Source: Los Angeles Times

2. New York University to divest from fossil fuels

Billows of smoke rising from smoke stacks.
Credit: Robert S. Donovan.

After nearly 20 years of pressure from student activists, New York University (NYU) has committed to divesting from fossil fuel industries.

The chair of the university’s board of trustees formalized the commitment in a letter to the student activists saying, “New York University commits to avoid any direct investments in any company whose primary business is the exploration or extraction of fossil fuels, including all forms of coal, oil, and natural gas, and not to renew or seek out any dedicated private funds whose primary aim is to invest in the exploration or extraction of fossil fuels.”

With this commitment, NYU joins the ever-growing list of educational institutions who have divested from fossil fuels as a measure to combat the climate crisis.

Source: The Guardian

3. Clean energy investment in the U.S. is up 165% since 2018

Wind turbines spinning as the sun sets.

According to a report from MIT and the Rhodium Group tracking both public and private investments, clean energy investment in the U.S. is up nearly 40% since last year, and 165% in the last 5 years.

The surge in investment comes as a result of rising customer demand, commitments by companies to electrify, and incentives for clean energy investment under President Biden’s affordable clean energy plan.

Continued investment in these technologies is fueling the country’s clean energy future, and is vital to combatting the climate crisis.


4. Nation’s largest EV charging station comes to California

Electric vehicle charging port close up with vehicle in background.
Credit: Ivan Radic

California-based start-up EVPassport announced plans to install 418 EV charging ports at Viejas Casino & Resort, about 35 miles northeast of San Diego.

The charging station, which will feature 410 Level 2 charging ports and eight dual-port DC fast chargers (which take just 20 minutes to charge an EV battery to 80%), is expected to be completed in spring 2024 and will give EV drivers a convenient location to recharge on their way into Arizona or other parts of California.

Expanding access to EV charging stations is critical to support the explosive growth of the EV market in the state and across the country.

Source: Energywire

5. G20 leaders to pursue tripling renewable energy by 2030

Wide view of G20 Summit meeting of politicians.

At last weekend’s G20 summit in India, participating nations agreed to pursue a goal of tripling global renewable energy by 2030, dramatically reducing global reliance on fossil fuels.

Additionally, the African Union formally became a permanent member of the G20. The 55 nations that are a part of the African Union are among those most impacted by the climate crisis, and gaining equal access to G20 will amplify their voices in discussion of this critical issue.

Source: Reuters

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