Major Environmental Groups Launch #GreenWave to Win Pro-Environment Congressional Majority

Oct 30, 2018

Five of the nation’s leading environmental and conservation organizations, EDF Action, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV), National Wildlife Federation Action Fund, NRDC Action Fund and Sierra Club, have announced an unprecedented collaboration between their organizations to mobilize their members to help elect a pro-environment majority in Congress. The GreenWave will work in targeted districts in California, Florida, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington to help elect pro-environment candidates to the U.S. House and Senate. Although not all the groups will be active in every state, this is a first-ever effort to jointly mobilize the members of these environmental groups to volunteer for candidates.

“From the recent devastation of Hurricane Michael to a recent report from nearly 100 international climate experts finding we have a mere 12 years to dramatically reduce the pollution that is fueling climate change to the proposed rollbacks of our core environmental programs by the Trump Administration and the Republican-led Congress, the stakes for our environment have truly ever been higher than in this election,” said GreenWave program director Margie Alt. “Our members are fired up and are hard at work making calls and knocking on doors to elect representatives who share our environmental values. All across the country, we are seeing a green wave building strength, ready to take back our Congress and our country from the polluters and the politicians who do their bidding. This exciting collaboration is just one part of our greater collective efforts, but we are thrilled to be coming together in this new and exciting way.”

For example, John and Cynthia Evarts are two GreenWave volunteers who actually met at a Sierra Club hike in Long Beach, California many years ago. They never engaged in political activism or worked on a campaign before. During the past year, watching the environmental and other atrocities taking place, they felt they just couldn’t sit back any longer. GreenWave organizer Sarah Friedman presented at a San Diego Sierra Club Chapter Coasters group event on her first day on the ground and discussed Mike Levin’s campaign for California Congressional District 49. John and Cynthia asked about ways to engage and Sarah helped set them up writing letters and stuffing envelopes in the Oceanside office, where they now come in almost daily and they’ve met a great community of like-minded individuals, including candidate Mike Levin.



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